Best Small Business Ideas for 2021


In this sky-high world, it’s absolutely no surprise that a normal person, or to be precise, a job holding person can never make both ends meet. A job is never enough these days to carry your family’s expenses.

Therefore, to start a side business is a must, however, starting a side business is not that easy. You must find a business which requires low investment yet gives you a big profit. So, to help you find a perfect match, we have gathered some small business ideas from Business Finance Articles that are worth giving a look at.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant can be a great option to make a start. This business can give you anywhere around $2000 to $5000 a month or even more than that. All you need is a computer system, a good internet connection, and four to eight spare hours and voila, you’ll be rich in no time. The best part of this business is that you can offer your services from any remote location and it requires no investment at all. But remember, this business requires a lot of hard work and effort, the more sugar you’ll put in it, the sweater its results will get.


Dropshipping is another great business idea to give a thought. You can go for drop shipping if you don’t have even a penny to invest as you won’t be needing any inventory in the beginning. All you need is an online store, a partnership with the one who wants to sell his products and you’re good to go.

Content Writing

If you are a skilled writer and have been writing essays and other content for a while. Then it’s a great opportunity to use your skill to make money as content writing is the most in-demand profession of the time. As a content writer, you can earn enough money to make savings and turn your dreams into reality.


Teaching is a skill in which not everyone is an expert. Only a few know the art of teaching. So if you have this skill, then don’t waste time and start taking tutoring classes either in person or online. Online tutors are most in-demand nowadays due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, so this can be your lucky chance to take a start as it can lead you to open up your own school or tuition center in the future.


If you have done graduation in two to three languages, then it’s time to use your skill now. There is a great demand for translators in many fields so you can start your small business as a translator by offering your services on websites like UpWork and Fiverr.

Pet Sitter

Almost 75% of US citizens own at least one pet. Some pet lovers even own five to six pets at a time. But the major problem they face is to care for them as most of the citizens are day workers so they hardly find time to give to their pets.

Therefore, they always seek help in this case. Take some help from, learn things and spare 6-7 hours of your day caring for an animal, then I will suggest you start your business as a pet sitter, later you can also form a pet-sitting agency in the future.

Beauty Parlor

If you like to play with makeup and consider yourself somewhat of a makeup artist, then our suggestion is to take this skill further beyond in making your career. Beauty is the major concern of 21st-century people, especially the ladies. So if you have expertise in makeup and grooming, then starting a beauty parlor as a side business can be a great idea.

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