What advantages does Laravel offer for Website Development

What advantages does Laravel offer for Website Development


In this part, I’ll discuss the benefits of Laravel. We already addressed the features of Laravel in the preceding segment, so it should be clear why it is beneficial. Therefore, let us take a closer look at some of the advantages you will get. There are many  best Laravel development company India that can help you to develop custom web applications on Laravel PHP Framework.

  1. Ease of Integration with Existing Mail Systems

Users must be informed by email for each segment of activity carried out by them or their contacts.It’s difficult to imagine an advanced architecture without email integration; for example, if a user successfully logs into the system but does not receive email notifications about successful enrollment on the web-portal, this becomes significant information for a new user.

In Laravel, there is a library called “Swiftmailer” that provides easy, clean API designs for mail with individual accounts.Additionally, Laravel provides drivers for Mailgun, Amazon SES, SMTP, SparkPost, Sendmail, Mandrill, and PHP’s “mail” capability, which enables the rapid transmission of messages through cloud-based or local services.

Additionally, Laravel supports emailing, which provides updates through a variety of distribution channels, including SMS and Slack.If you’re looking for a reputable and  professional  website development company India  than contact than Web Development India team via email or phone and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  1. Social media trending

Numerous organisations are rapidly evaluating Laravel due to its dynamic capabilities, and they are receiving an adequate response, as demonstrated repeatedly on Google Trends.

There are various phases in which Laravel is outpacing other modalities by a significant margin of notoriety.

  1. Efficient automation of research tasks

Automatic testing is a legacy type of test that can define an application’s output ratio and decide if it runs smoothly or without bugs, crashes, or errors.

Automation of testing saves time over manual testing, as manual testing passes each section of code in turn.

It implements built-in test capabilities; support for testing with PHP Unit utilises the application’s pre-configured phpunit.xml file.

This provides the most straightforward method for clients to function locally, mentioning any application and determining the yield, for example, by handling each request individually if clients click on the link.

  1. Craftsman

The developer must communicate with Laravel through a command line interface that manages the Laravel project’s environment.


Artisan is one of the built-in tools that enables the user to quickly complete lengthy programming tasks by creating organised code and database structures that make database management simpler.

  1. Safety

Although we are all aware that no application provides 100 percent protection due to the fact that it is highly dependent on how the developer designs the web application, when comparing Laravel to other rivals on the market, it receives the highest security rating.


  1. Setup and management of scheduled tasks

Scheduling and managing tasks will provide you with a mechanism for preserving, creating, and communicating schedules for the allocated resource and time.

This involves the sending of emails on a regular basis to automatically clean up the database’s tables at the end of the day, or later as a result of cost savings.

The rationale behind this is Laravel’s “order scheduler,” which provides a straightforward and critical way to define the command schedule within Laravel with just a single CRON entry on the server.

  1. Prebuilt applications

Agree that if anything is well-known, 99 percent of the crowd will follow suit, as has happened with Laravel applications.

Apps with similar characteristics but with minor variations by the user have been requested, which is why a large number of pre-built apps are readily available on the Laravel website.

This is advantageous because it reduces the time and expense associated with developing another app with comparable features on Laravel.

All and all in the universe has advantages and disadvantages, which Laravel, fortunately or unfortunately, does as well.

Allow me to share a few Pros and Cons that I believe you should be aware of, as these considerations will assist you in determining if Laravel is your cup of tea!!


Laravel’s Advantages and Disadvantages

We will address various advantages and disadvantages of Laravel in this section.

Laravel’s advantages

  • If you’re a PHP fan, you’ll adore Laravel, which is a cutting-edge technology that offers the following benefits:
  • Laravel is extremely popular in the web development community; it is one of the best PHP frameworks for website development.
  • Laravel is extremely simple to understand and its documentation is extremely straightforward. It has been rendered extremely simple by Laravel and PHP screencasts. Laravel’s documentation is very lovely.
  • It is a model-view-controller system. This ridiculously inefficient conventional architecture, in which developers used to write both HTML and PHP code in a single file, is avoided.
  • Support for Expressive ORM – Another service that automates dynamic and model lumps. Database mapping and link to our application are configured through a simple conference call.
  • We should also note the ease of development here; whether it’s authentication, sending emails, or scheduling activities, I believe Taylor considered these in advance. All it takes is a single command and its preparation to significantly enhance Laravel’s functionality!
  • Laravel teaches you sound programming practises by introducing you to PHP’s true object-oriented architecture. It provides first-hand experience with items like facades, warehouses, and traits for those who specialise in WordPress or CodeIgniter, allowing them to understand more easily.
  • The Laravel group is enormous, and any developer who hasn’t started using Laravel immediately begins looking for another framework to use; maybe some should look at Symphony! However, several developers do not seem to be able to go beyond Laravel’s architecture. Which implies that since the Laravel community is so large, finding a fellow developer will be easy, implying that assistance will arrive quickly!

The disadvantages of Laravel


  • Since it is lighter than Rail and Django, it comes with less built-in assistance. Even so, this problem may be overcome by adding third-party software, but this could be challenging for large and customised websites.
  • Laravel’s main files are all contained within the Laravel namespace, and not all main files have the namespace slash (a) before a call to another main file, which complicates a few classes. This is most emphatically not a significant problem, and only one out of every odd designer should be concerned.
  • Laravel is slower than many other frameworks due to the large number of built-in features; indeed, Laravel is slow. Slower than CodeIgniter and its own stripped-down variant of Lumen. And it is nowhere near as fast as Falcon.
  • To be honest, it’s terrible for real-time web applications; this isn’t a criticism of Laravel; none of the PHP frameworks are well-suited for real-time communication, and there are far superior alternatives such as Node, Go, and Erlang. Significantly superior for web application creation.
  • As I previously said, the fault lies with PHP; it is one of the worst-designed languages and is also slower than its compiled equivalents. Therefore, if these factors are essential to you, Laravel is not a good fit.


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