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The Goonies is a movie for all the family. It inspires adventure and teamwork in young kids, while also discussing the importance of history. The movie follows the adventures of a group of misfit kids – Mikey, Data, Mouth, and Chunk. They discover a treasure map while looking through their attic and set out to find it.

The Story

Almost everyone who grew up in the 80’s knows this movie and probably loves it. The Goonies is an action adventure film with a witty plot and likable characters. Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, and Kerri Green give great performances in this film.

Set in an Oregon neighborhood that is about to be bulldozed for a casino, The Goonies is filled with kid-friendly fun. The cast is believable and the characters interact in a way that mimics real-life kids’ interactions. Even though the movie is a little long and contains some obnoxious commercial-product placements, it’s a timeless classic that is sure to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. The movie also has a lot of four-letter words, which is typical of movies aimed at younger audiences.

The Cast

The Goonies is a fun film for kids that celebrates friendship and adventure. It also teaches children about the importance of perseverance and teamwork. Families can also discuss the ways that the repelis film demonstrates the power of community and the value of diversity.

Director Richard Donner pulled great performances from his young cast in this romp through an amazing pirate ship and underground caverns. Sean Astin is the idealistic dreamer Mikey, Josh Brolin is macho brother Brand, and Corey Feldman gives the movie its comic relief as the wisecracking Mouth. Jonathan Ke Huy Quan plays Data, a geeky boy with wacky inventions, and Jeff Cohen rounds out the crew as Chunk.

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The Goonies also captures the way that real kids act together – there’s lots of squabbling and bonding amongst friends. This same dynamic has been captured by recent films like Stranger Things and the Duffer Brothers’ Netflix series.

The Music

Any kid (or kid at heart) who has seen this film will remember it fondly for years to come. It is a fun creative journey full of memorable characters. It also has some heartwarming moments as well. It is filled with all of the usual ingredients that are expected from a Steven Spielberg movie, but it is made special by the high-energy performances of the children. Sean Astin and Corey Feldman deliver some of the best performances of their careers in this movie.

The Goonies has some darker undertones that add to the excitement of the adventure. For example, the opening scene features the image of Italian crook Jake Fratelli hanging himself in his prison cell. This is a clear warning to the kids that danger is lurking.

The Production Design

The Goonies is a high-octane adventure movie for kids. It taps into the inherent excitement and melancholy of children whose friendships are being threatened by forces beyond their control. The story of the motley band of kids searching for the treasure of a pirate named One-Eyed Willy, in order to save their homes from a property developer speaks directly to a child’s imagination. The production design is fantastic, bringing to life a world of waterfalls, tunnels, and an enormous pirate ship.

It’s also a relief that The Goonies doesn’t descend into the four-letter profanity of modern kids films. Unlike characters in Indiana Jones or Uncharted, the kids in The Goonies act like real kids rather than overly cultivated archetypes. The characters are engaging and believable, despite the fact that they treat their environment with wanton disregard.

The Direction

Anyone who grew up in the 80s will most likely list The Goonies among their favorite films. It inspired copycats such as the enduring Stand by Me and it has helped to shape new generations of children’s movies like Stranger Things.

The Goonies follows a group of kids, Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin), Chunk (Jeff Cohen), Data (Jonathan Ke Huy Quan) and Mouth (the late Corey Feldman), as they search for the lost treasure of pirate One Eyed Willy in their beachside neighborhood. It’s an exciting adventure story that rattles along like a juvenile Raiders of the Lost Ark and it delivers plenty of laughs, thrills and fun. It also contains a good dose of heart and some great performances from the cast. It’s an all-time great family film that should not be missed.

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