That time of the year has come when you don’t need reasons to celebrate because it’s a festive time. With Halloween just waving us in the face, we have Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas on the line, indeed the festive season!

Hair color ideas you can explore best this Thanksgiving season are the most reasonable way to play with your look and remain in your safe zone. If you are also planning to try something but still be in your comfort zone, we have shared inspiration from our global celebs to motivate you for a happening Thanksgiving.

So, let the inspiration journey begin.

Halle Berry’s Rustic Rotten

Starting of a first balayage hair Halle Berry. She has gone with Rustic faded black with emerging bronzy highlights of gold towards the end of her hair. It gives a very formed look at the front and a playful look accentuating your collar bones.

This balayage hair will work best for you if you want to showcase the collarbone. It looks classy very modern, but at the same time not too extravagant for you.

Ciara’s  Golden Pie Crust

Just like the apple cinnamon pie, giving a cozy yet refreshing balayage shade. Having darker roots in the middle that fade with ash gold and a little hint of pink looks stunning and gives an indirect, healthy flush to the skin.

If you feel like your skin is getting dull a lot these days, this hair color dye will definitely brighten up your skin.

Rihanna’s Maple Magic

Let’s not debate this, but this balayage hair color idea is so good at so many levels, from the middle black to diluting copper brown. This hair color is appropriate for a bouncy, voluminous, voluptuous, wavy look.

This balayage hair color is done correctly, looks very special at posh events, and mixes very well in your daily routine. 

The only piece of advice is that if you are going for this balayage, you must get it done on at least 12 inches or longer hair. Anything shorter than that does not justify this hair color dye.

Chrissy Teigen’s Chocolate Glitter

From face framing to adding to your hair, this hair color idea is perfect for millennials trying to be relevant in this GenZ arena.

With subtle hints of chocolate, bronze, and gold, this hairstyle looks like a stylish chocolate confetti that brings a lot of youthfulness to your look.

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can do it in straight hair texture and coily curls, and it will still look perfect.

Jlo’s Sparkling Waves

If your mission is to look elegant and classy, this balayage hair color idea should be on top of your list with shades of ash and Rosie copper. As balayage hair colors don’t fade away easily, this look will keep you in the spotlight until Christmas and is fashionable. It gives sheer elegance to the look because of the rich color it showcases.

If you want to exploit the best out of this hair color, either get this balayage done in blunt bobs or long hair.

How To Get Hair Color Ideas For Your Balayage?

It feels so good to hear that your look is resembling a celebrity. But we know that everyone is not living in Hollywood. That is why, apart from these inspos. We have also got you a 30-second guide to learn how to pick your balayage hair color ideas based on your preferences.

Based on Your wearability,

How long you are going to wear your balayage hair color is a big decision. If you are going for a long duration, that is, anything less than three months, go for lighter tones or pastels. And, in case you are going about three months, warmer tones in bronze or copper will work best for you.

Based on your occasion

Are you getting them for some special occasion, where you have decided on your dress, makeup, and accessories? Then, you can pick hair color ideas from a color wheel that compliments your montage. But, if you are going for any particular occasion, you can go for neutral hair colors ranging from coppers to brunette.

Based on your skin tone

Your skin tone is also a big deciding factor in choosing which hair color will complement you best. If you are a person of light skin tone, you need to do the opposite. It means chocolate and burgundy balayage shades are for you. And if you have a warmer skin tone, the Ashy and Copper family balayages will suit you the best.

How To Get Balayage Hair?

No, we are all sorted on what kind of balayage hair color we can fix. But the question lies, how do you get balayage hair? There are many ways about it, but some of them you can easily as follows.

Get Them Done At Salon.

You can pick an appointment at the salon, go to the stylist, decide your color, and get them done. However, it could be risky if you plan to get them done during Thanksgiving. Firstly, you are making a big commitment to your real hair by putting them in direct contact with bleaches. Secondly, if you are a first-timer in hair coloring, you need to be bold about it; otherwise, committing a few months to a color that you eventually may not like could be disappointing.

Buy Pre Colored Hair

These days, many online brands sell synthetic colored hair extensions. If you plan to wear them for a single day, you can buy them as they come at very pocket-friendly prices. But, you need to make sure that you blend them very well with your natural hair, as synthetic hair is very loud in its appearance and could look a little tacky if not installed correctly.

Buy Hair extensions and get balayage hair done.

 Usually, this is one of the safest yet costlier ways of wearing the balayage hair. But you can easily buy thanks to Black Friday sales that give human hair extensions at big discounts. Get hair extensions from good brands like Indique, get them done at the salon and wear them. The best part is that it is not a long-term commitment; your natural hair is protected, and most importantly, it resembles your natural hair when you wear it. So, the person doesn’t even feel conscious about wearing them in public.


Yup! So, this was it. The festive time is around the corner, and this time demands you to feel special, even if it is a little hair experiment. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hair balayage done, or buy hair extensions and get it over them. Like, do whatever your heart speaks, and be a total stunner this Thanksgiving. Experience the magic of Black Friday with our incredible discounts on Balayage Hair. Save up to 50% off and step into a world of limitless styling possibilities.