BEXIMCO Group Reinforces Employee-Centricity with a Fair-Price Shop

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beximco groupThe satisfaction of employees is essential for any business to flourish. While BEXIMCO Group caters to a wide number of customers, it keeps in mind the satisfaction of its employees as well. Based in Bangladesh, it is the best private sector company that operates via the principles of employee-centricity.

BEXIMCO Group is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh and was established by two of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman. Certainly, customers’ requirements are met. At the same time, its employees can conveniently meet their needs, especially with the BEXIMCO Fair Price Shop. Indeed, it provides them with the goods and services they need regularly. Beyond this, the shop cultivates benefits that extend to the family members of these employees, thereby, ensuring further convenience for them.

Making Life Easier for a Huge Team

BEXIMCO Group, led by dynamic businessmen like Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman, is associated with as many as 70,000 employees. Given the size of the company, it is certainly large enough. It has been able to grow its team in a significant manner by focusing on the concept of employee-centricity. Guided by this concept, it aims to ease the life of every employee in all possible ways.

The best private sector company in Bangladesh, BEXIMCO believes that completing the needs of its employees not only at work but outside too is important. Hence, it began a fair price shop to help the team source goods at affordable prices. The shop has been set up at BEXIMCO Industrial Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Making Groceries Affordable for Employees

This company in Bangladesh BEXIMCO Group has launched its grocery store in association with bKash as well as Apon Wellbeing. While bKash is a company related to mobile financial services, Apon Wellbeing is a provider of affordable goods/services through omnichannel sources. In union, the three companies in the country have made it possible to run this store for the employees of BEXIMCO Group.

  • They can access more than 1,500 goods at this store.
  • Most products are available at costs lower than market prices.
  • Groceries, household items, health products, etc., are provided here.
  • For children, adults, and babies, cosmetics as well as hygiene products are featured.

Focusing on the Health of Employees through the Initiative

Indeed, the BEXIMCO Fair Price Shop is useful for procuring goods at affordable costs. In addition, it offers services like the health insurance credit. This facility is provided for free. Aside from this, other benefits are available as well. These are related to the well-being of employees. To avail of them, groceries have to be purchased from this shop.

Forming a Strong Team with Employee-Centricity

As an employee-centric company, BEXIMCO Group understands the core needs of its team. Even when its team comprises thousands of individuals across diverse verticals, their main needs are ensured. The concept of employee-centricity directs the best conglomerate in Bangladesh to reinforce a positive culture. As a result of the same, it sources benefits for its employees’ comfort.

The fair price shop launched by the best private sector company BEXIMCO Group in Bangladesh is not the only initiative taken by it for the benefit of its employees. But when it comes to meeting their needs beyond a secure work environment, better work facilities, etc., this initiative seems to be majorly advantageous for the employees.

Rewarding Employees and Yielding their Loyalty

BEXIMCO Group has gradually grown its team. Across divisions, it has joined hands with more people to be part of its team. Its employees have remained loyal, given that the company has always rewarded them for their effort and hard work.

Through a range of measures, the conglomerate established in Bangladesh has rewarded its employees. It has provided them with the best facilities at work and beyond. With employee-centricity, it has consistently maintained the availability of such facilities.

Thus, for years, thousands of employees have been strongly associated with this company. While they have been rewarded, they have helped the company grow and make achievements in its respective verticals.

As a Final Observation,

Companies like BEXIMCO Group realize how important their employees are. The best private sector company in Bangladesh has valued its workforce through several initiatives. By launching a fair-price shop in Dhaka for its employees, the company has not only valued their efforts but also made their lives as convenient as possible.

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