Decoding the Difference Between Health Insurance & Personal Accident Insurance

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Be sure that you are purchasing the right insurance policy at the time of purchasing it. People who only know about health insurance policy will purchase it thinking that it will also cover their financial needs in times of accidents. 


 On the other hand, some people believe that having an accident insurance policy is enough for every problem. Insurance policies do not work like that. People who didn’t know their insurance requirements ended up facing trouble with claims. However, they can ask for help from any reputed company of Claim Management in Ludhiana


Personal accident insurance and health insurance these two policies have their role. It’s important to know about them completely before purchasing one. 


Health Insurance:   


Health insurance is a shield that helps you tackle the financial challenges in time of any disease or major illness. If you have health insurance, then you don’t have to fear unexpected medical challenges and bills from hospitals. These days, it is hard to receive quality medical care without health insurance. 


Health insurance is a wise investment for your health. You just have to pay a fixed premium to the insurance company. And the company will cover all costs of your treatment. Health insurance is like having a trustworthy friend in times of financial need. 


Health Insurance Policy ensures financial help to deal with any unfortunate situation. It avails every medical facility to you without breaking the bank. In return for your premium, it covers the overall portion of your medical expenses up to a certain limit. 


Numerous health insurance policies are available in India. Choose the best from it, which fits best according to your needs and circumstances.  


Personal Accident Cover: 


Accidents can happen to anyone. In accidents, our bodies and vehicles are both damaged. A car can be repaired and made to move like a new one, but body parts aren’t fixed like that. A long and costly treatment is given to an injured person to recover. Seeing a hospital is essential after a casualty to heal from severe injuries. 


Losing a family member in an accident is a very painful feeling. Emotional and financial strain can make a person weak. To lighten your financial strain, Personal Accident Insurance Policies come into play.  


Personal Accident Insurance Policy is a must for a person who is a prime earner in the family and doing a high risk job.


With Life insurance policies, some portion of accidents are covered, but for full claims, accident insurance policies are suggested best. 


Purchasing a two-wheeler policy with accident insurance can maximise your claim amount. 


Dissimilarity Between Health Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Differences between these two policies are explained below in three points : 



A personal accident cover is a different type of policy. Coverage is limited. Either you can claim it for treatments, hospitalisation, permanent disability, or death. 

Premiums : 

Coverage and scope of health insurance are wider than personal accident insurance. Premiums are also slightly higher in health insurance policies. Premium can be calculated with a premium calculator. Premiums vary for different ages, medical conditions, and more. 

Waiting Period: 

The waiting time for health insurance policies is long. Waiting time starts when you buy a policy and ends when you claim it. Generally, accident insurance policies don’t have a waiting period; you can claim it soon after you get the policy. 


Claims of both policies are subjected to complex terms and conditions, and it is better to take advice from the company of Insurance claims services Punjab.  


Choosing both policies is a commitment of financial support to you and your family in time of need.

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