Dental Crowns: Uses, Procedure, and Maintenance

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An existing tooth’s cap or covering is called a Dental crowns West Houston. A fractured or rotting tooth may appear better and become stronger as a result of this treatment. Porcelain, zirconia, gold alloy, or a porcelain and metal alloy can all be used to make crowns.

 When could I require a dental crown?

A crown operation may be recommended by your dentist or dental expert (prosthodontist) if you:

 have a tooth that is significantly decaying, fractured, or cracked, need a tooth to support a bridge or denture in place, or have undergone a root canal

Additionally, teeth with stains or irregular shapes might be covered with dental crowns.

What takes place throughout the dental crown procedure?

Most likely, you will require one or two visits to the dentist or prosthodontist for your dental crown process.

 Your dentist or prosthodontist will shape and remove a layer of your tooth’s outer layer at your initial appointment to prepare it. To make sure you don’t experience any pain or discomfort, they will use a local anaesthetic.

 They will next make a replica of the tooth’s form. A digital scanner or an impression pressed into a mould can be used for this.

 The data may be transmitted to a facility, where a worker will craft the crown specifically to fit your tooth. The crown’s colour can also be matched in the lab to that of your other teeth.

On the same day, a CEREC machine may create a crown and fit it.

 Your dentist or prosthodontist will apply a temporary crown to protect your afflicted tooth if the crown is being manufactured in a lab. The creation of your crown could take two to three weeks.

 You’ll go back for your second appointment when your permanent crown is prepared. Utilising dental cement or glue, your dentist or prosthodontist will fit the crown into place.

 When a filling is not an option, dental crowns are used to cover a fractured or diseased tooth.

How should my dental crown be cared for?

Despite the fact that your Dental crowns West Houston cannot rot, the tooth’s edge on which it is placed can. You must continue to floss daily and use fluoride toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth twice daily.

 Maintain your regular checkups at the dentist or prosthodontist.

 What are a dental crown’s advantages and disadvantages?

Teeth that are fragile or fractured might be shielded with crowns. Additionally, they aid in enhancing the look of discoloured or unevenly shaped teeth whitening Houston. If they are taken care of properly, crowns can last for many years.

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