New generations call for new ideas to transform every industry. Music trends of this generation are directly proportional to their transparency. Gen Z desire creative self-expression over other metrics. It is possible for this generation to invent, implement, and shine under the light. Since, intense feelings are involved so mention of heartfelt songs is a must. Thus, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan songs are most popular amongst the youth of today. Similar to the fandoms, are the artists of this dynamic world. The music producers at present favor their passion for music over materialistic goals. The world is painted with colors of independent thoughts. Hence, less artists are willing to join labels or opt to go for smaller firms.

Another aspect of these modern times is the easy access of internet connection. This makes being in touch with anything in mere few clicks. Apart from this, the world has a gift of online storage systems as well as social media platforms like YouTube and Spotify. This makes it possible for people to discover their taste of music and download it. Driven by need for emphatic feelings, Gen Z listens to even classical music as long as it is overflowing with powerful emotions. One of the reasons, Mumtaz Molai mp3 songs are among big hits on charts of music trends.

Recent music trends include a mix of hip-hop, rap, and electro beats found in being favorite ones of Gen Z in Pakistan.  Filmi, Pop, Desi Pop, and Punjabi Pop are part of top trends right now.

Filmi music

It has received a lot of attention. Masses’ preference has a huge impact on music trends.  An example of this change is seen visibly in most streamed in the country. And Rahat Fateh Ali Khan seems to be at top of the list of many fandoms. Filmi music originated from Bollywood’s films. It is aided by huge western influential genres such as Jazz, Rock, and Pop. This music played a central role in grabbing more views.

Moreover, the Indian industry takes great pride in producing this music genre that is accompanied by the dance routines. Being deeply rooted in Bollywood, many music enthusiastic from Pakistan too worked in Indian industry and earned an enormous fame with it.  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam to name a few. Songs composed from this genre are sensational for weddings and parties in most cities of Pakistan. People not just resonate with the lyrics but find these songs more upbeat, and that adds glory.

Pop music

Pop music among other music trends is vastly impacted due to multi-talented artists present. For instance, Abdul Hannan – a songwriter based in Lahore. He is a jack of all trades with multiple professional degrees. Gen Z is intrigued by how this singer has a complete command on Rock, Pop, and Country music genres. Apart from him, Bilal Saeed is another popular singer and songwriter known for songs: 12 Saal, Lethal Combination, Kaash, and, Khair Mangdi. He is making waves with his admirable vocals, along with his guitar, and piano skills. His fame precedes him even on international platforms. Furthermore, his talents have been showcased in many remixes and live concerts too. This songwriter was also nominated for Lux Style Awards for his released single: “12 Saal”, with the achievement of entitlement “Song of the Year”.

Desi Pop

This genre is raging to new heights unlike other music trends. Western Punjab (Pakistan) has brought forth this genre. It is an amalgam of Punjabi Folk music, Hip-Hop, Bollywood music. The composition requires electronic beats to give off vibrant and energetic vibes to the crowd. It is the music genre that brings any concert to life. Music is made from commonplace instruments which consists of the Sitar, Tabla, and Harmonium. Then this music is refined with advanced technological devices and methods.

On the other hand, many Pakistani singers can be placed in the hall of fame within this genre. At the very top, resides the artist, AP Dhillon with his “Excuses” and “Summer High” and such songs. Following in his footsteps is Imran Khan with most views on “Satisfya” and “Bewafa” songs. Others include Zaeden, Ritviz, and Raftaar. What’s more Sanam is blowing up local ranking charts with “Gulabi Aankhen”.

Punjabi Pop

This music genre has roots in Eastern Punjab (India) music culture. However, it is being utilized by Pakistani talented business minds. Music trends display that there is a global rise in this genre’s fame. Incidentally, the Rokhri Productions have cashed this opportunity. The existence of the production label is an achievement of Shafaullah Khan Rokhri and his son. Music compositions accredited to them consist of Yaaran de yaar, Zamana Bahon Farebi, Rab Shala Mom Kary, and Har Eid ty Dhol Nai. Astonishingly, Punjabi Pop industry is growing at a fast-pace due to emergence of new members. Most people of the region are coming forth vocalizing their passion for music.


Every industry needs to go through a transformation in order to survive in a dynamic world. Recently, music trends made it crystal clear that the focus of both artists and theirs fans is completely on production of passionate music. An outcome not bound by materialism at its core. Similarly, for Gen Z – innovation is the very definition of meaningful art. Not to mention, this era is blessed with internet connections and social media platforms. Thus, electronic music adds another level of charm to the music. While on the other hand, music produced is just a click away for its listeners. It is safe to say that the Gen Z today is fond of music that is abundant with extreme feelings. This makes youth inclined towards new upbeat genres. Filmi music, Pop music, Desi Pop, and Punjabi Pop are now the leading music genres.