Erectile Dysfunction is a male sexual disorder that is identified by the inability of men in having strong enough erections sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is an issue that affects men worldwide. from teenagers to older men. But it is more common in older men. A variety of causes of Erectile Dysfunction have been identified. Obesity is one of them. Obesity is a condition where people gain way more weight than they should. In this article we will discuss the relationship between ED and obesity. We will discuss how obesity can cause ED in men and also how a man can manage both obesity and Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction and Causes

As mentioned above, Erectile Dysfunction is an issue that hampers men’s ability to have sufficient erections to have sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, this issue has become very common nowadays. Erectile Dysfunction usually occurs due to low supply of blood within the penis. When the penile tissues don’t get enough blood supply, then men fail to achieve strong. Underlying health conditions that reduce blood supply to the penis can indirectly cause ED in men. Issues like diabetes, heart issues, blood pressure disorders and sciatica can all cause Erectile Dysfunction in men. Low level of testosterone hormone which is an essential hormone for men’s sexual and erectile health, can also cause ED. Lack of enough testosterone can cause men to have reduced sexual urges. Penile trauma or accidents that damages penile tissues can also contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. because if penile tissues are damaged then blood will not flow freely within the penis which can ultimately bring about ED. And finally, obesity is also one of the major causes of ED in men. A large number of men around the world suffer from ED due to obesity.

Obesity and Causes

Obesity is a health condition that is characterized by the extra weight of a person. When a person exceeds BMI of 30, then that person can be identified as obese. A person’s weight should stay in line with his/her height. Obesity can cause many other medical issues as well. Obesity can create blood pressure problems, diabetes, heart attacks, stroke or even Erectile Dysfunction. Obesity can develop due to extreme intake of foods or more foods than the body actually needs. Plus, a lack of enough physical exercises can make a person’s body gain fat. It can also be a genetic issue. Some people are inherently more overweight than the others. But mainly the overconsumption of foods and lack of physical exercises are the key causes of obesity.

Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity

So, the question is, how does obesity cause Erectile Dysfunction? Well, obesity can cause Erectile Dysfunction in men through various ways. For example, obesity can damage the blood vessels, lower the testosterone level and cause a state of generalized inflammation in the body. All these attributes can cause Erectile Dysfunction in men. Generalized inflammation in body can cause oxidative damage to tissues via free radicals, which in turn can cause ED. Obesity can also cause various medical disorders that can lead to ED. For example, heart issues, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. All of these medical conditions affect the blood flow within the penis which is proven by the medical science. That’s why many overweight men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Decreasing testosterone is also one of the major consequences of obesity. And we all know how important testosterone is for men’s sexual health. So, as we can see, the link between obesity and Erectile Dysfunction is very well documented and clear cut.

Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction treatment options can vary person to person. As different men may react differently to certain treatment plans. That’s why it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any sort of treatments. But here we will try to provide some general treatment plans for ED that are well documented and proven.

  1. Medicines: Medicines or oral medicines are the most commonly prescribed treatment for Erectile Dysfunction around the world. PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are some of them. These medicines increase the blood flow within the penis. The increased blood flow within the penile tissues mean that penis gets more blood supply which helps it get harder during sexual intercourse. These medications are taken orally and available around the world. But these drugs may not be suitable for every man as these medicines can cause other medical issues for some men such as headache, nose bleeding, blurry vision, low blood pressure etc. But it’s important to note that not everyone will suffer from these issues. So, it is best to consult with a doctor before taking these medicines.
  2. Managing Underlying Medical Conditions: Managing underlying medical conditions can also be a very beneficial treatment plan. For example, if diabetes or hypertension are causing Erectile Dysfunction in men, then managing these conditions can reduce their negative consequences and ultimately enhance the patient’s erectile health.
  3. Vacuum Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction: Vacuum pumps for Erectile Dysfunction are non-invasive treatment options. Penile vacuum pumps increase the blood flow within the penis by creating a suction in the penis. This suction draws blood into the penis. These pumps work well, and the best part is that patients can use them in their home on their own. Vacuum pumps can also be used simultaneously with other treatments such as oral medications. These pumps have very few side-effects. In some cases, patients may feel a little bit of pain while using these.
  4. Penile Injections: Penile injections are procedures where medicines are injected in the penis. These injections are very effective. But a little bit of pain is associated with this treatment procedure. Some patients may even experience swollen penis or prolonged erection after taking this treatment.
  5. Surgeries: Surgical procedures are only used when the Erectile Dysfunction gets severe and there is no other way of treating it. One surgical procedure for ED is penile implants. Penile implants are devices that are surgically placed inside the penis of ED patients. These implants are very effective in creating erections during sexual intercourse but it’s crucial to know that, via this procedure, patients cannot obtain natural erections.
  6. Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave therapy for ED is a relatively new treatment procedure. This treatment was originally created for destroying stones inside kidney. Later, doctors started to use it to treat other disorders, including Erectile Dysfunction. Shockwave therapy for ED is a non-invasive treatment option that requires no surgeries whatsoever. It is very safe to use and has very little if no side-effects at all. Patients can carry on with their day-to-day life right after undergoing this treatment. Low intensity shockwaves are utilized in this non-invasive therapy. This low intensity shockwaves increase the blood flow within the penile tissues. It also plays a crucial role in the regeneration of tissues. It’s very effective. Doctors use a handheld device to send the shockwaves to the penis and during the procedure, patients may not feel any sort of pain whatsoever. Even if some patients do feel some discomfort, it is not a major issue as it is not long lasting and goes away very quickly. Unfortunately, this treatment is not yet very common around the world. But there are some clinics that do offer shockwave treatment for MansMatters is one of them. MansMatters is a specialized men’s health clinic situated in London. This clinic has treated thousands of men suffering from ED with the help of shockwave therapy. This clinic also offers other non-invasive treatments like EMTT therapy, NanoVi and Tesla Chair.

How to Manage Obesity

Managing obesity is crucial for those who are suffering from ED. It’s not easy to lose weight and to quit eating favourite foods. But it has to be done if an overweight man wants to enjoy his sex life and get rid of ED. With proper physical exercises and eating proper nutritious diets, it’s possible to get back in shape yet again. Excess food consumption needs to be stopped if a person wants to maintain a proper weight. Physical exercises are also a must as exercises can burn the excess fat from the body faster than just dieting. But it generally requires self-dedication to overcome this issue and get back into a healthy physical shape.


So, it is clear that obesity can cause Erectile Dysfunction in men. Obesity can also cause other medical issues other than ED, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes and heart issues. Dealing with obesity can be hard but it’s doable. Physical exercises and quitting overconsumption of foods are a must in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy physical shape. Plus, there are countless amount of ED treatments available that can effectively treat ED and aid men in this situation. But before taking any sort of treatments, it’s important to talk to an experienced doctor.