Everything You Need To Know About Freedom of Speech

Everything You Need To Know About Freedom of Speech

If you live in a democratic society, freedom of speech is a boon. The problem is whether the freedom of speech should have a limitation. People are divided into two groups; one group wants to make absolute freedom of speech, and others think there should be a limit. In this post, we will look into the freedom of speech closely and more.

If you don’t know about US law around free speech, you should look for a professional (like a San Diego Sales tax attorney) who can help you learn the rules that matter. Read the full write-up to learn more about freedom of speech and our government’s stance.

Definition Of Freedom Of Speech

Before going into detail, we should know what freedom of speech is. There could be a different perspective to it. It is a legal right that says you are allowed to express your opinion in public. It is your right to say anything without harming anybody. If you want to learn more about the intricacies of the law, you should look for a professional (like an EDD tax lawyer).

Is It A Human Right?

After reading the definition, you might consider whether freedom of speech is a human right. After the second world war, the human rights commission was founded to prevent atrocities on humans.

If you have read all the human rights given to us, articles 18 and 19 are the closest to freedom of speech. It says we are allowed to practice our beliefs and have our own opinion.

Remember, although there is freedom of speech, it can be breached in the case of national security. You can consult with a professional to learn about it in more detail.

Does That Mean You Can Say Anything?

A question arises if you should say anything and everything in public; the answer is no. the interpretation of freedom of speech is different for every country. If you look into UK law, you will find article 10, where the law says public authorities can restrict the freedom of speech in case of emergencies and for the following reasons-

  1. If your speech is harmful to national security
  2. If someone’s life is at risk and there could be a possible crime
  3. If the right of another person is at stake
  4. If the information is classified
  5. If the subject is under the judiciary

Why It Is Important To Have Freedom Of Speech

We have already discussed freedom of speech and how your freedom can be breached. One of the most important aspects is why it is important to have free speech in our country. There are many reasons behind this. We must protect freedom of speech if we want to save our democracy. Unless we can’t speak our minds or say what we want to say, what is the meaning of having freedom?

We should also remember even if we have the right to express ourselves; it doesn’t mean we should say whatever comes to our mind. We should also take some precautions so that our words don’t hurt anybody physically or mentally.

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