Travelers often search for places that are hidden or unexplored, which increases their travel experience. Today we will explore the unexplored places that you must know about to enhance your travel experience. You can get amazing discounts with Ola Coupons through Cashaly while going on a trip.

There are many destinations we know about that are the best tourist spots to visit. However, India still has so many unexplored destinations that a travel lover must visit. Offbeat Indian locations await curious travelers and are ready to provide a wonderful trip with nature and wildlife.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the unexplored and offbeat destinations in India.

Let’s Explore the Hidden Gems Of India

Let us go through these places one by one and understand why they are worth visiting. 


Majuli is one of the best-hidden gems to explore, where you will be surrounded by greenery and pollution-free freshwater. This island is located in the river Brahmaputra, which is 20 kilometers away from Jorhat city. Being the world’s largest river island, it covers a total area of 1250 sq. km. Majuli also holds a reputed position among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

 When reaching Majuli, you will discover a unique and interesting culture as it is inhabited by tribals. It is the main attraction for tourists, as there is so much more to experience here. Also known as the cultural capital of Assam, you will be able to enjoy the main festival, called Raas.

Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley is another amazing offbeat destination to explore in Nagaland. It is an adventurous trek that takes you through dense forests. It is not an easy trek, and you will come across the forest and slippery tracks to climb. However, the view you get is worth all the hard work you put in.

It is a 9-kilometer-long trek that takes up to 5–6 hours to complete. Viswema (the main route) or Jakhama (the new and shorter route) are the best routes if you are traveling from Nagaland. The Viswema route will take you to the point where the trek starts from a vehicle. Now, it is all on your foot, and the track has markings to help you remember the route.


Sandakphu is a wonderful destination to visit in West Bengal, at the edge of Singalila National Park near the Indo-Nepal border. Being the highest peak point in West Bengal, it is heaven for trekkers and is now becoming popular among common travelers.

You can now access it easily with the road construction until Gairibas, which reduces the trek to half its original length. It is one of the hidden gems that is believed to become popular soon with its paradise view.

Gurez Valley

The wonderful valley of Gurez, located 123 kilometers from Srinagar in Kashmir, brings a heavenly experience. Being too close to the border, tourists couldn’t explore the beauty of this area until a few years ago. However, without the valid ID proof of an Aadhar card, tourists are not allowed to imbibe the beauty of the valley. It is still restricted to foreigners as of now.

On reaching the valley, you will come across the snow-capped mountains around you. The wildlife enhances its beauty more, as it is home to the Himalayan brown bear and the snow leopard, among other diverse fauna.

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra Valley from Leh is the go-to road trip that every tourist needs on their list. It is a complete package of beautiful views of the Himalayas, Zanskar, and Karakoram ranges. If you are a biker, you cannot miss the offbeat places like Diskit, Turtuk, Panamik, and many more.

The 5-hour journey from Leh to Nubra Valley will take you through Khardung La or Wari La, named the world’s highest motorable roads. With a mountain view and unique culture, you will love every second of your journey exploring the best views.

Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley is a hidden valley in Arunachal Pradesh’s northeast, attracting everyone with its natural charm of rice fields, quaint villages, and rolling green hills. People in search of paradise and natural beauty must visit Ziro Valley once in their lifetime. 

It is one of the best destinations for photographers to capture the most scenic beauty. Trekkers and adventure seekers will have the best experience with them. You can go camping or explore the wildlife and still enjoy it to the fullest.


Being an archaeological site, the Bhimbetka rock shelters have traces of human existence that begin with the South Asian Stone Age. It was also declared a World Heritage Site in 2003, and it is all worthy of such a title.

To experience humankind’s earliest existence, you can explore more than 500 rock shelters and caves with several paintings on the walls. These old paintings are considered 30,000 years old, and others are recognized as being painted in medieval times.

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley’s name has been derived from the Tirthan River that flows through it. It is located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh and lies approximately 3 km from the entrance of the Great Himalayan National Park. It is a great spot for adventurers and nature lovers.

The snow-capped Himalayas over the Tirthan River look magnificent. Tirthan Valley is known for its adventurous activities, including trekking, camping, and guest houses surrounded by nature. You must visit this marvelous place to experience nature’s best view.


Pachmarhi is one of the most unique valleys in the Satpura Range, worth visiting and exploring its greenery. You get to experience the exquisite cave shelters, waterfalls, streams, and biodiversity. With monsoon rains, it makes the valley and the green landscape even more beautiful.

For travelers who are craving a peaceful place to visit, this is the best place for you, with calm hilltops. Here you will be able to witness the wild bamboo, blackberry plantations, Sal trees, and delicate bamboo thickets in large numbers.

Agatti Island

Agatti is one of the popular spots similar to Andaman which is located on the chains of Lakshadweep islands. It is a perfect location for a vacation in the southwestern region of India. It becomes more fun when you realize that the place is accessible only via boat ride or cruise. The Indian cruises operated by the government, Bharat Seema and Tipu Sultan, provide complete, luxurious travel to this island.

You get to experience amazing marine life as the island is situated about 460 km from Kochi. It can get more exciting when you get to hop around on nearby islands. You can explore them with the help of shuttle services that are available throughout the island.


In this blog, we have discussed unexplored and offbeat Indian destinations. All these places have their own significance, which makes them unique and more beautiful. Nature always welcomes you and surprises you with its eternal beauty. Uber Coupons through Cashaly let you unlock a world of discounts to make your trip more affordable.

 Make sure to visit at least one of these destinations to imbibe the hidden gems of India. Our country has so much to explore and always provides stunning views and beautiful nature. Pack your bags, select a place, and head towards it with all enthusiasm.

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