Fill The Gap: Single Tooth Implants Explained

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Single-tooth dental implant Dallas TX is a permanent device rooted in the jawbone that act as long-term remedie for tooth loss. An oral surgeon inserts a titanium rod into the patient’s jaw through the hole left by the missing tooth. The top of the titanium rod is then fitted with a little device that serves as a “saddle” for a custom-made fixture that resembles the appearance of the rest of the patient’s teeth; this fixture is known as a crown. Crowns appear and feel natural, and they have no effect on a patient’s ability to speak or eat.

Pre-Op Expectations

After you and your dentist Dallas TX or oral surgeon have discussed your options, the length of time required (which is determined by a variety of factors such as the number of teeth to be implanted, the need for tooth extraction, and your overall dental health), and set a date for the implant to take place, your dentist will most likely give you a few pre-operative instructions. Common instructions include rinsing your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash, taking antibiotics, arranging transportation to and from the appointment if you plan on having IV sedation or taking an oral sedative, and eating a hearty breakfast the day of surgery unless you choose IV sedation.

What to Expect on Surgery Day

Dental implant operations are typically performed in two stages over the course of six to nine months. If bone grafting is required, the procedure can take up to a year or more. The procedure does not require hospitalization and can be performed in the dentist’s office. If sedation is preferred, the surgery can be performed by an oral surgeon. After numbing your mouth, an incision in the gums will be made to expose the underlying bone in the location where the implant will be placed. The implant will then be installed after your dentist

or oral surgeon uses a special drill to make a space for it. After that, the implant is screwed into the slot. Your dentist will put an additional component to the top of the implant after it has been placed to act as a protective barrier. The gums are stitched back over the implant, and the implant is left to integrate with the bone over a few months.

The Second Phase: What to Expect

The second phase is not nearly as detailed as the first. In the second phase, your dentist will make an incision in your gums and re-expose the single tooth implant Dallas TX. Because you are properly numbed before the process begins, there is no discomfort connected with the re-exposure. An impression of a tiny device put on the implant is then obtained; this is what the lab will use to fit your crown. Then, a series of sessions will take place, with your dentist typically taking impressions of your teeth in order to make a crown that has the same look and feel as your surrounding teeth. The number of appointments is determined by a variety of criteria and will most likely be addressed with you prior to the start of the first phase. The newly constructed crown is placed as the final step in the implant process.

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