In industrial facilities, security and controlled access are of the utmost importance. Full height turnstiles have become a popular solution for enhancing security and controlling site access in these environments. With their robust design and advanced features, full-height turnstiles offer numerous benefits that effectively address the security needs of industrial facilities. This article explores the advantages of using full height turnstiles in industrial settings, including improved security, controlled entry and exit, deterrence, and compatibility with various access control systems.

  1. Enhanced Security: Restricting Unauthorized Access

Full-height turnstiles provide a high level of security by effectively restricting unauthorized access to industrial facilities. With their tall barriers and anti-climbing features, these turnstiles prevent individuals from bypassing the access control points. This helps to protect the facility, assets, and personnel from potential security threats. The solid construction of full height turnstiles, coupled with tamper-resistant locking mechanisms, ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the facility.

  1. Controlled Entry and Exit: Managing Personnel Flow

One of the primary advantages of full height turnstiles is their ability to facilitate controlled entry and exit of personnel. By allowing only one person to pass through at a time, these turnstiles ensure orderly movement and prevent unauthorized access by multiple individuals. This controlled flow of personnel enhances security and allows for better monitoring of site access. Industrial facilities can establish strict access control policies, such as requiring employees to present valid credentials before entering the facility, further enhancing security measures.

  1. Deterrence: Enhancing Physical Security

Full height turnstiles have a significant deterrent effect, contributing to the overall physical security of industrial facilities. The imposing presence and solid construction of these turnstiles send a clear message that security is a priority. Potential intruders are discouraged from attempting unauthorized access, knowing that the facility is well-protected. The visual impact of full height turnstiles acts as a psychological barrier, promoting a safer and more secure environment.

  1. Compatibility with Access Control Systems: Integration for Enhanced Security

Full height turnstiles are designed to seamlessly integrate with various access control systems, allowing for enhanced security measures. These turnstiles can be connected to biometric scanners, proximity card readers, or other authentication devices to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access. By integrating full height turnstiles with access control systems, industrial facilities can monitor and control site access more effectively, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.

  1. Durability and Weather Resistance: Suitable for Outdoor Environments

Industrial facilities often operate in challenging environments, including outdoor areas that are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Full height turnstiles are built to withstand these demanding conditions, with durable materials and weather-resistant coatings. Their robust construction ensures reliable performance and longevity, even in extreme weather conditions such as rain, heat, or cold. The durability of full height turnstiles makes them an ideal choice for outdoor entry points in industrial facilities.

  1. Customizable Options: Tailored to Facility Requirements

Full height turnstiles offer customizable options to meet the specific requirements of industrial facilities. The design, materials, and additional features such as card readers or intercom systems can be tailored to fit the unique security needs of each facility. This customization allows industrial facilities to create a turnstile solution that best suits their security protocols while ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and infrastructure.


Full height turnstiles provide industrial facilities with an effective solution for enhancing security and controlling site access. These turnstiles offer improved security by restricting unauthorized access, facilitating controlled entry and exit, and acting as a visual deterrent. Additionally, their compatibility with access control systems, durability in outdoor environments, and customizable options make them an ideal choice for industrial facilities. By implementing full height turnstiles, industrial facilities can create a more secure environment, protecting personnel, assets, and sensitive information from potential security threats.