Guggulupanchapalachurnam Is a Powerful Medicine to Treat Skin Diseases and Ulcers

Guggulupanchapalachurnam Is a Powerful Medicine to Treat Skin Diseases and Ulcers

The guggulu panchapala churnam is an Ayurvedic medicine in churnam form or powder. It is primarily used to treat different types of skin diseases and rectal fistula. However, experts in Ved and Ayurved are now recommending this herbal mixture to chronic ulcer patients because it has the required properties and ingredients to counter ulcer growth inside the body. The Kerala Ayurvedic tradition is being followed to produce this magnificent medicine. Guggulu is the main ingredient of this medicine that contracts blood vessels and causes a reduction of blood flow in the targeted site. We will talk about this medicine in more detail so you understand how to use this medicine properly.

Main Ingredients of Guggulupanchapalachurnam And What They Do?

As mentioned before Guggul is the main ingredient present in this Vedic medicine. It flushes out excess gas from the gastrointestinal tract, lowers lipid and cholesterol levels in the body and controls cardiac disorders. Guggulupanchapalachurnam also contracts the blood vessels as a result lowers blood flow in the targeted area, which works extremely well to limit ulcer growth in the body.

Haritaki is also present in this medicine, which is still used in Ayurvedic medicine primarily to lower fever symptoms, pain and swelling in response to inflammation. Plus, it is the main compound for lowering or curing gastric ulcers. Another important substance is pippali. Primarily used to lower or prevent spasms in muscles and also lowers lipid and bad cholesterol levels in the body. If used correctly, this medicine can provide better support in digestion and food absorption.               

Guggulupanchapalachurnam Main Benefits

It is used to treat skin conditions. – Bhagandara – Kushta Anal fistula. Bloating and an abdominal tumor also called Gulma. Worm infection (parasites in the intestines and infested wounds) – Krumi, according to textual references, the diseases listed above are those for which the medication is recommended.

Based on their knowledge and expertise, several Ayurvedic physicians suggest using this AVS Kottakkal Guggulupanchapalachurnam to treat high cholesterol, Vein ulcers brought on by varicose veins, etc.

  • It promotes rapid wound healing.
  • It is used to treat diabetic wounds, sinuses, fistulas and non-healing wounds.
  • It is also used to treat skin conditions with worm infestation and intestinal worms.

Guggulupanchapalachurnam is the natural solution you can get which does not develop any side effects in the body while curing chronic ulcers.

Know the Right Doses before Using Guggulupanchapalachurnam

 Take a dose of 1-3 grams depending on the strength of the disease; add honey to the mixture before consuming. Guggulupanchapalachurnam can be taken before or after food or advised by an Ayurvedic doctor. While using Western medicines, you have to be careful because these Ayurvedic medicines can interact with modern medicines. You have to add both Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines together; you should use the allopathic medicine first and wait for 30 minutes before taking the Ayurvedic medicine.

Buy Guggulupanchapalachurnam and use this with dietary supplements. But if you are planning to take more than one product a day, we recommend you consult with a doctor.

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