How has ATS Group transformed the home living experience of its buyers?

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ATS Infrastructure, a leading developer in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Punjab, has redefined the essence of modern living through its commitment to Nature-Inspired Living, Thoughtful and Inclusive Designs, and strategic Locational Supremacy. With a substantial presence in Noida, Gurugram, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Dera Bassi, and Mohali, ATS Group Noida has earned the trust of homebuyers, establishing itself as the epitome of ‘The Better Way Home’ since its inception. Guided by Getamber Anand, the ATS Group Owner, the company has delivered 30 projects, covering an impressive 39 million sq ft of land.

Green Living Initiatives:

In response to the post-pandemic shift towards sustainable living, ATS Infrastructure has actively focused on developing green-certified projects. Recognizing the urgency of addressing environmental concerns, the company has launched eco-friendly initiatives in projects like Picturesque Reprieves, Rhapsody, and Knightsbridge. This commitment extends to promoting the use of eco-friendly raw materials, Sustainable Architecture, and abandoning outdated construction practices. Getamber Anand has been a vocal advocate for integrating international construction technology to elevate India’s real estate standards.

Client Satisfaction as a Priority:

At the core of ATS Infrastructure’s philosophy is client satisfaction. The company asserts that ‘Green Real Estate is the future of the Indian housing sector,’ driving it to implement practices aligned with eco-friendly construction principles. Transitioning from high-rise affordable townships to luxury condominiums and penthouses, ATS Group Noida has expanded its footprint in Gurugram, known for luxury real estate. The company has successfully developed four luxury projects in Gurugram and several others in Noida.

Celebrating Luxury:

ATS Marigold, celebrated as a symbol of passion and creativity, exemplifies the company’s dedication to luxury living. Spread across 11 acres in Sector 89A, Gurugram, this project boasts a Butterfly Garden, Jogging Track, Reflexology Track, Clubhouse, Gym, Swimming Pool, Squash, Tennis, and Basketball Court. Another gem in ATS Group Noida’s luxury portfolio is ATS Knightsbridge in Noida, offering plush apartments designed by ATS Expertise and renowned architect Hafeez Contractor. The project includes a Gymnasium, Meditation Area, Mini-Theatre, High-street Shopping Centre, Business Centre, 5-tier Security System, and 24*7 Concierge Services.

Transparent Customer Relations:

ATS Infrastructure maintains a transparent relationship with its 35,000 customers by regularly updating construction progress, building status, and delivery estimates on its website and social media platforms. Compliant with RERA norms, the company consistently delivers projects within stipulated timeframes, often providing early possessions. This commitment has garnered positive feedback in the ATS Group News section, reinforcing its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable real estate brand.

Enduring Excellence:

With an open-minded construction approach, diverse architectural designs, and a customer-centric policy, ATS Infrastructure has become a beloved brand in the real estate sector. The company’s longevity and continued relevance can be attributed to its adherence to quality standards and commitment to environmental consciousness. ATS Group Noida’s eco-friendly architectural framework has positioned it as the preferred choice for buyers looking towards a sustainable and green future.


ATS Group’s transformative impact on home living experiences goes beyond bricks and mortar. It’s a testament to a vision that embraces nature, diversity, and client satisfaction. As the real estate landscape evolves, ATS Infrastructure stands tall as an advocate for sustainable and luxurious living, promising a better way home for every discerning homebuyer.

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