Instagram Reels are a great way to engage with your audience. Adding music to your Reels can help increase engagement metrics, especially when posted during peak times. You can add music to your Reels using custom audio that you save or original audio recorded from within the app. Here are several ways to do this: 1. Browse Instagram’s music catalog.

1. Browse Instagram’s music catalog

Whether you’re sharing a personal story, unveiling a new product or highlighting your favorite Instagram Reels, choosing the right song is essential to crafting an engaging narrative. Instagram’s music catalog is a treasure trove of audio options that can add a sense of mood and tone to your videos.

To find music for your Reel, tap the “Use Audio” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This will redirect you to the Reel Recorder where you can create a track with the song you’ve chosen.

If you see an original audio track you like in someone else’s Reel, save it by tapping the original audio > Save Audio. Once saved, you can use it for future Reels as well. Instagram also publishes trending Reels with songs, so if you find one you love, you can hop on the trend before it ends and gain exposure for your account.

2. Record your own

Instagram recently rolled out a new feature that allows creators to record their own music and add it to their Reels. This is a great tool for influencers, brands, and other content creators that want to take more control of their reels.

This new feature works by allowing creators to use any music app on their phone to record audio for their reel. Then, they can choose to either import the song from that music app into their Reel or record it directly using Voiceover.

The Instapro Reels music collection is limited, and you won’t find every song there. However, you can still make Reels with trending songs by browsing Reels that contain the song you’re interested in. You can also save an audio clip and use it in future Reels by tapping on the Audio button while making a reel. This will open the saved audio page where you can browse and use the song section you’ve selected.

3. Find a trending song

While Instagram reels are mostly visual, including trending songs can help you capture and elevate your audience’s attention. You can find trending songs by searching on Instagram’s Explore page, analyzing trend reports, or keeping up with TikTok.

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To find a trending song, open the Reels page and scroll down until you see an audio icon with upwards arrows next to it. Tap the audio to add it to your Reel. The arrows indicate that the audio is popular and being used in many Reels.

This song by imbabytate has a big beat with lots of energy and would work well for any exhilarating content. Make sure to use the right audio for your video to enhance its impact. This song is a great choice for nature-themed or soft, delicate content. It’s an easy way to give your content a fresh sound. It’s also suitable for any kind of calming content. This music has a lot of positive reviews and is often used by makeup artists.

4. Add it to your reel

Instagram Reels are a cool new way to create videos on Instagram. But one of the best ways to make them even more exciting is to add music. This will help your audience feel pumped up and engaged as they watch your Reel.

The music library offers a wealth of options to choose from, from catchy beats that are perfect for dancing to soothing melodies that complement heartfelt moments. And you can preview songs before adding them to your reel.

To find the right song for your Reel, you can browse through Instagram’s music catalog or tap the See More button to discover more options. Once you’ve found the ideal song, incorporating it into your Reel is easy.

To save time, you can also find trending songs by visiting the Reels Audio page. Here you can see the latest sounds that are taking over Reels, along with tips and pro tricks from fellow creators. To keep up with the latest trends, you can also subscribe to Plann’s weekly Reels Trend Report.