How to get prepared for the movers

How to get prepared for the movers

Are you moving to a new house? It can be a thrilling experience but also challenging at the same time. Whether you’re moving across the nation or town, packing, transporting, and lugging your stuff into your new home takes a lot of effort. A removalist company can be beneficial because they handle all of the heavy lifting and you may even hire them for packing and unpacking your belongings. Click here to know more

Planning is the key to ensuring that your move does not take much time than required and becomes even more unpleasant or costly (most of these guys are paid by the hour, after all).

Here Are A Few Ways To Help You Get Prepared For The Movers Before They Come:

  • Check what needs to be moved and not: Movers cannot transport just anything. For safety reasons, the moving firms usually have lists of products that they might not move, such as household chemicals, paints, and liquids. For liability reasons, they will not move certain items, such as cash, vital papers, photographs, pets, food, and medicine. This stuff needs to be packed and moved by yourself if you want to take them with you.
  • Make a list of packing: Check beforehand whether you or the movers will do the packing and unpacking of your goods. If not, then use newspapers, bubble wrap or blankets for padding if you are packing the belongings. This is critical because if something breaks during transportation, the movers may not be held accountable. Make sure you have adequate boxes and tag them with your name, address, and items so you can keep track of everything while moving to a new place.
  • Tell the movers where they should park: Parking is a basic yet crucial aspect that is frequently ignored while moving. However, this will always be in the minds of the movers Company. On the big day, the driver will most likely call you to inform you they are on their way and to inquire where you want to park. You’ll need to make sure the movers have a place to park their enormous truck if you haven’t already thought about it. If you’re not parking in your driveway, you’ll need to get a street parking pass or special authorization to park in other driveways.
  • Check that furniture will fit through the door: The skilled movers will almost certainly be able to move your furniture from one place to another without much difficulty. If your doorways are very narrow or your furniture is particularly hefty and big, you may require giving advance notice to the movers. This allows them to plan before time and provide the appropriate resources for the move. Make sure your couches, pianos, and other large things will be able to pass through doors or windows.
  • Get insurance: Make sure your goods are financially safeguarded, irrespective of using the insurance services of moving companies. Accidents usually happen, so having a safety net if anything breaks or goes missing is a good idea. Various types of insurance plans are provided by the moving companies. Choose the one based on the pound and comprehensive. Pound insurance is less expensive, but it only covers a certain amount of coverage. Example: If your antique sofa set is scratched and needs to be repaired during the move, this form will only pay a specific sum based on the furniture’s weight. It might not cover the entire bill or even the majority of it. Although comprehensive insurance is quite costly, it covers all damages and losses.
  • Make provisions for children: When movers are there, if possible, leave your children at a relative or friend’s house. If not possible, organise activities beforehand to keep the kids occupied so you can focus on the move. During packing and loading, keep the kids and the movers apart. Make a spot for the children to hang out. Remove the things which you don’t want the movers to pack or load from this area. This is a big task, but if you don’t have any place to leave your kids on the day of the move, it’s worth it. Having their own space where they can relax and play will keep children happier for a long time than being asked to move away from between.
  • Keep some cash in hand for tips: The movers have been lugging your belongings around all day, and if you’re moving vast distances, the process would just start. They will have to drive for a long-distance or they may need to load the goods of multiple homes onto a large truck and stop numerous times on a cross-country trip. Moving is a difficult job no matter how you pack it, so keep cash in hand to express your appreciation for their efforts, especially if they take care of your possessions quickly and thoroughly.

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