People suffer the worst injuries in car accidents. Such traffic mishaps frequently happen in Fort Wayne, and victims often endure the consequences of someone’s reckless action. Car accident injuries may include catastrophic and life-altering injuries, which may leave someone grappling with financial losses for years to come. If you were involved in such a mishap, you need to contact a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer at the earliest. In this post, we are sharing pointers for hiring a seasoned lawyer.

Do you really need an attorney?

As the claimant, you have to provide evidence and information that can prove the fault of the other driver. While that may seem easy because you have photos of the accident scene, things can be drastically different in the real world. Hiring an attorney is necessary because the insurance company will not play a fair game. An attorney can do a bunch of things for you, including –

  1. Assess what your car accident claim is worth
  2. Gather sufficient evidence to nail the other party
  3. Evaluate what your settlement should be
  4. Negotiate with the claims adjuster and handle the paperwork
  5. File a lawsuit if the insurance company denies a claim

The cost of hiring an attorney

Most car accident lawyers in the city will not demand a fee until you win. This is a usual norm for injury lawsuits and is called the contingency fee. The lawyer will share a fixed percentage of your financial recovery. For auto accident claims, lawyers can take anywhere between the standard 33% to 40%. If your case is likely to head for a trial or the claim requires extensive work, the lawyer may have to charge more, but you still don’t have to pay an hourly rate.

Finding a good car accident lawyer

Personal injury law covers a wide range of complex claims, and you need someone who is experienced and locally based in Fort Wayne. They must have a profile that includes car accident claims as a part of regular practice. Check the credentials of the shortlisted lawyers and schedule a meeting to get answers to questions specific to your circumstances. A good lawyer will not only answer your queries but ensure that you have a fair idea of the possible outcomes.

Get an attorney soon because you have two years to file a car accident claim in Indiana, and you may lose valuable evidence soon.