LucidSound LS31 Wireless Gaming Headset

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The LS31 Wireless Gaming Headset from LucidSound is awesome funding if you’re searching to play your preferred video games without being tethered to your laptop or console via wires and barring spending thousands of greenbacks on high-end gear even used regularly. While the headset may additionally now not have the perfect constancy sound in the world, it’s ways higher than something else you can get at this charge point, and it’s particularly blissful and lightweight, so you won’t think carrying lucid sound ls31 wi-fi headset for hours at a time!

The Lucidsound ls31 wireless headset:

The lucid sound ls31 wi-fi headset is an amazing gaming headset that provides gorgeous sound excellent and comfort. It’s well matched with the Nintendo Switch, PC, and cell devices, making it an extremely good preference for any gamer. The construct fine is excellent, and the battery’s existence is impressive. The sole drawback is that the mic ought to be better. The LucidSound LS31 is a terrific gaming headset and splendid funding for any gamer. It has incredible sound quality, elements compatibility with all of your devices, and consists of a long-lasting battery.

It’s one of the fine headsets on the market today. You won’t feel sorry about this purchase! You ought to think about selecting a few wi-fi headphones if you want a new pair of headphones for your console or PC. Wired alternatives might also provide you higher audio satisfaction in some cases, however, they’re a whole lot greater cumbersome than wi-fi units like these from lucid sound ls31 wireless. Thanks to their low latency overall performance (just .5ms), you can use them with many consoles except issue, which includes Xbox One, PS4 Pro/Slim/Bold/Move/VR, and Nintendo Switch.

They additionally encompass two drivers per ear cup for unmatched sound accuracy and readability at excessive quantity tiers (suitable for aggressive gaming). The scarf and ear cups are reminiscence foam for most relief in the course of lengthy play sessions. They’ve additionally acquired an extensive variety of frequencies, which will assist stability out unique sports genres. Whether you prefer booming bass or crisp highs and mids, this set covers it. Plus, the blanketed wireless transmitter will work seamlessly with the Nintendo Switch, thanks to its proprietary technology.

Is LucidSound a good headset?

Is cidsound ls31 wi-fi an appropriate headset? I would say yes. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and feels durable. The sound great is now not as desirable as some of the different wi-fi headsets on the market, however, it’s higher than most wired gaming headsets beneath $100. The battery lifestyle is absolutely what offered on this headset. It has a 20-hour battery existence which cost three hours. I suppose this is a high-quality gaming headset for the fee varies from about $80-90 USD. Its sounds are made with comfortability in mind. It consists of tender ear pads made of fake leather-based foam. And don’t fear if you get sweaty ears due to the fact they have an air flow gadget to hold your ears cool. They additionally have an adjustable headband, so it’ll shape in all sizes and shapes of heads.

One element that troubled me used to be the mic being placed on the left as an alternative to the middle or proper aspect the place you’d count on it to be – its function may make human beings sound barely off-kilter when recording voice memos etc. But again, this is nitpicking due to the fact overall, lucid sound ls31 wi-fi works simply fine. I observed them at ease to put on for lengthy durations and effortless to use. I cherished how handy it used to be to sync up my phone, tablet, or laptop computer with these wi-fi headphones. You plug the transmitter into your headphone jack and then flip on Bluetooth mode on your device. Then go return into settings and choose LS 31 as your audio device. After that, you’re equipped to go.

Design & Construction:

As stated earlier, the sound ls31 wi-fi headset is your usual wi-fi headset that can solely work with gadgets simultaneously. The L31 has Bluetooth, so it will work with any gadget as long as it has Bluetooth. It’s regular in that experience and how you can use the headset. You can use it on your console of choice, PC, or even cell units such as capsules and smartphones. Of course, this flexibility has some limitations, however, this headset is best for game enthusiasts searching to make investments in a long-term piece of equipment. One case is that whilst it will work with consoles, you won’t be capable to make use of their chat function. Another hassle is that whilst it will work on PCs, all the controls (mute button, volume) have to be accessed thru Windows settings. All different regulations are made via buttons positioned on the earcups.

They cancel out the sound nicely and don’t leak sound either. There’s a downside, though–the bass isn’t great. Bass heads would possibly be disenchanted with what these headphones provide concerning bass quality. In short, Design and Construction. These headsets are constructed to last. The substances used appear long-lasting and of excessive quality, making them experience sturdy but lightweight. These headsets also come with a tough case for traveling/storage purposes. As beforehand mentioned, these headsets come outfitted with an inline mic and controls, enabling game enthusiasts to regulate quantity ranges barring fumbling via every other machine like Windows 10, Xbox One etcetera. For humans who revel in gaming each on the go and at home, this is ideal due to the fact they’ll by no means omit a beat when they’re enjoying video games whilst on the go.

Sound Quality:

The Lucid Sound LS31 wi-fi gaming headset is splendid funding for any gamer. It is very satisfying to wear, has wonderful sound quality, and is handy to set up and use. The sole drawback is that it is a bit pricey, however, the product high quality makes up for the cost. I fantastically propose this headset to any gamer searching for a first-rate wi-fi option—the LucidSound LS31 wi-fi gaming headset. We started with our favorite recreation in my residing room on my PS4. He set up the USB transmitter, plugged one stop of the covered USB twine into it, and then plugged the different give up into my controller. After plugging in every earbud, he switched on the strength button on each portion – they grew to become on immediately and with no issues whatsoever.

Once the whole lot was once connected, we went returned to taking part in our game. Even though the sound used to be a little low at first and wanted to adjust on my side, it sounded special and specific after switching around some of the settings. The scarf is beautiful and cushioned, so it’s no longer too tight or free whilst nonetheless being long lasting adequate to ultimate long-term use and being capable to be adjusted in measurement without problems so you can make positive you have a proper match no be counted your head dimension or shape. The ear cups are great due to the fact there’s cushioning around them however now not too plenty the place you sense like you’re getting smothered using all the material; instead, they assume light-weight but cushy ample for long-term comfortability.

Can you connect LucidSound to your phone?

Yes, you join lucid sound ls31 wi-fi to your phone. If you choose to recreation on your PC or Mac and additionally desire to take calls on your smartphone simultaneously. Then you can additionally plug the micro-USB twine into your console controller, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or PS Vita, and it will work wirelessly. The rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours per cost which is ideal for when you’re gaming marathon sessions. The headphones are so lightweight that I will barely be aware of them whilst playing, which is fantastic due to the fact they don’t get in the way of my gameplay. And satisfactory of all, the sound first-class is fantastic!

The sole issue that would make this higher is if the base used to be greater substantial, however even then, it’s now not as terrible as different headsets I’ve tried before. All in all, this is wonderful funding for any gamer. It is well matched with nearly every console and machine out there, it has a stunning battery existence of ten hours, and the sound fantastic is clear besides any interference from heritage noise. The sole drawback to this product is that it doesn’t have an effective bass – however, even then, that should be precise for those who want to be extra conscious of their surroundings. For these reasons, I suggest shopping for a sound ls31 wi-fi headset!

Does lucid sound ls31 wireless have Bluetooth?

Lucidsound ls31 wi-fi has Bluetooth, however, it is now not the fundamental electricity source. The headset has a built-in battery, lasting up to 18 hours on a single charge. The microphone is additionally retractable, so you can shortly mute it when necessary.

Overall, this is one of the quality headsets I’ve ever used. They had been comfortable, lightweight, and simple to set up. The audio nice was once excellent, and they in no way reduced out all through my gaming sessions. My sole criticism would be that occasionally the ear cups have been too large for my head. However, I nonetheless incredibly advocate this product due to the fact of its ease of use and great sound quality. These headphones will work properly for any gamer, regardless of their ability level. If you are searching for an outstanding headset with dependable connectivity and wonderful sound, these are perfect!

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