Overcoming Self-Doubt – How Vinod Adani Learned to Believe in Himself

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Vinod Adani

Self-doubt is normal, we all doubt ourselves from time to time. Sometimes we doubt the decisions we made and actions we took, which do harm us mentally. We can say that self-doubt is fine to some extent, however, it is not good for a long duration as it can harm in various ways. Talking about self-doubt, there is an inspiration for all of us, who worked hard to overcome his doubts and started believing in himself. That inspirational personality is Vinod Adani, a motivational speaker, who has turned his hurdles into opportunities.

Vinod Adani is a well-known personality who is motivating the current generation of our country via his motivational speeches. Making his impact in the textile industry, manufacturing, and trading, he overcame his self-doubts slowly and steadily. In many of his workshops and speeches, he explained the way in which he tried to pass his obstacles and achieved success. He is a true example of gaining self-assurance. Now, let us talk about these generic concepts in brief!

What actually self-doubt is?

In simple language, self-doubt is a feeling of uncertainty and non-relief about some situations or decisions. Majority of the time, self-doubt arises due to some childhood incidents like past trauma, anxiety, or even if someone experiences bullying or any kind of criticism. It gives birth to several questions that doubt your capabilities. There are some signs which show that you may have self-doubt. These symptoms are:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Feeling useless or unworthy
  • Avoiding any kind of relationship or attachment
  • Looking or continuous approvals
  • Feeling of lower confidence or people-pleasing
  • Not finding yourself worthy of compliments
  • Insecurity or joking about yourself in a non-pleasing way

Many people try to overcome these symptoms and lead a healthy life, Vinod Adani motivational speaker is one of those people and he found success. There are several ways which helped him overcome his doubts and he learnt to believe in himself. Let us mention those tactics with you all!

How Vinod Adani Learned to Believe in Himself

Vinod Adani motivational speaker is someone who has realized opportunities in every bad situation. While discussing self-doubt and self-assurance, he mentioned various habits that one has to adapt in order to feel good about themselves. Do not consider them as tips. These are the good habits that you implement in your life no matter what. So let’s start!

Practicing self compassion– Self compassion is really necessary in these times. It includes not holding yourself back. One of the beneficial practices is looking at yourself in the mirror and saying some positive things about yourself or even your life everyday. This is one of the practices that Vinod Adani adapted.

Keep your past achievements in your mind– It’s not like that you have not achieved anything in your life yet, it is just some situations that are holding you back. We are not telling you here to focus on your past but to realize the lessons you have learnt while accomplishing something that will improve your present life as well. Vinod Adani motivational speaker called this practice, self- reflection.

Spend time with your loved ones– If you are experiencing self doubt, then go to someone who supports you. Let them know how you are feeling, spend the time with them and you will definitely feel good. They can even recommend you or suggest you for the things you are struggling with. No matter whether it’s a friend, family or even a neighbor, you can get encouragement from them.

Journalising the things– One of the tips given to a student by Vinod Adani motivational speaker is to make a journal. He told him to write down the things he is thankful for or even the things he is struggling with so that he can find a way to overcome those things. It is really an exercise in which you practice loving yourself and it gets easier with time.

You can practice positive self-talk– Yes, going to your supportive ones is good but remember that you are your first cheer leader. Many people make jokes of themselves in their hard situations but self love and positive self stock is really essential. So, make sure that you are not criticizing yourself and always performing that you can do a particular task.

Of course you can seek professional help– Trauma, anxiety and other mind related issues are taboo in today’s world. However, these are very common things for which one should not feel shame about. If you think that seeking professional help is good for you then go for it. There are various types of therapies which will help you in many ways and will lead you to a happy life and mindfulness.

So these above mentioned practices are some of the good habits that Vinod Adani requested people to implement in their life. We all deal with such feelings from time to time and there are many ways to manage, cope up and even heal from those. Always remember that feelings are unique to every individual, so try to understand them, recognise which solution you should implement, and be self assured. Reach out to someone and be positive about yourself. We wish you a happy and healthy mind.

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