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10 Things to Know Before Taking Seminal Fluid Analysis Test!

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Are you trying to conceive, but it seems impossible despite all efforts? A seminal fluid analysis test might be the way to find out what’s wrong.

The seminal fluid analysis (SFA) test, commonly known as semen analysis, can assess male fertility and reproductive health. It involves examining a semen sample to evaluate the quality, quantity, and overall health of sperm.

The semen analysis test price in Pakistan ranges from 2500-3000 rupees.

Both men and women can have problems in conceiving. However, issues with male fertility can affect almost half of infertility cases. This test can help assess male infertility issues and identify any underlying problems contributing to infertility.

If you or your partner are trying to conceive and have any concerns about male fertility, a seminal fluid analysis test can help figure out everything.

Who Needs the Seminal Fluid Analysis Test, and Why?

Before moving on to things you need to know before going for seminal fluid analysis, let’s understand who needs this test and why?

A doctor may prescribe a seminal fluid analysis test in the following scenarios:

  • Fertility Concerns: Couples experiencing difficulty conceiving may undergo seminal fluid analysis to assess if male infertility is a contributing factor to no pregnancy.
  • Before Fertility Treatments: Individuals undergoing assisted reproductive techniques, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), are often advised to have a semen analysis to determine the best course of action.
  • Post Vasectomy Confirmation: After a vasectomy procedure, a semen analysis is performed to confirm the success of the procedure before discontinuing other birth control methods.
  • Health Concerns: In certain cases, the doctor can order a seminal fluid analysis to detect potential male reproductive health issues, such as testicular cancer or hormonal imbalances.

Things to Know Before Going for the Seminal Fluid Analysis Test!

Your doctor has prescribed you to undergo seminal fluid analysis. However, before heading for a Seminal Fluid Analysis test, there are several essential factors to consider and preparations to make.

Let’s understand the key things you should know before going for the seminal fluid analysis:

Abstain from Ejaculation

For accurate test results, you should abstain from any form of ejaculation, including all kinds of physical activity, touching oneself, or nocturnal emissions. Research suggests stopping all such activities 2 to 5 days before the test for effective results.

This period of refraining from physical activity ensures that the semen sample collected is representative of the overall sperm health.

Inform Your Doctor about Medications

Certain medications, such as testosterone supplements or some antibiotics, can interfere with the semen analysis results.

Inform your doctor about any medications you are currently taking or have taken recently to assess if they might impact the test.

Avoid Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Alcohol consumption and recreational drug use can temporarily affect sperm quality.

Doctors advise avoiding these substances for at least a few days before the test to get the most accurate results.

Optimal Health and Lifestyle Choices

Leading a healthy lifestyle can positively influence sperm health.

Maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding excessive heat exposure to the testicles can contribute to better semen quality.

Keep Stress in Check

Stress can impact fertility in both men and women. Reducing stress levels before the test may help achieve more reliable results.

Choose a Reputable Lab

Selecting a reputable and certified laboratory is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable test results.

Look for a facility that specializes in fertility testing and has experienced staff.

Collecting the Sample

In most cases, laboratory assistants collect the semen sample from home in a sterile container provided by the clinic.

Follow the provided instructions carefully to ensure a proper sample.

Deliver the Sample Promptly

Once the sample is collected, deliver it to the lab promptly. Semen samples are time-sensitive, and delays could affect the accuracy of the analysis.

Provide Complete Medical History

Be prepared to provide your complete medical history, including any past fertility issues, surgeries, or infections.

This information can help the healthcare professional interpret the test results accurately.

Understand the Results

After the analysis, your doctor will interpret the results and discuss them with you.

Understand what each parameter means, including sperm count, motility, morphology, volume, and pH level, as this information can provide insights into potential fertility issues.

Final Thoughts!

The Seminal Fluid Analysis test is a critical diagnostic tool for assessing male fertility and reproductive health.

By understanding the importance of this test and preparing appropriately, individuals and couples can maximize the chances of obtaining accurate results.

Remember to consult with a healthcare professional who can guide you through the process and provide valuable insights based on the test outcomes.

Whether you are planning to start a family or want to address concerns about fertility, the Seminal Fluid Analysis test can be the first step towards achieving reproductive health and parenthood.

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