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Want to begin online or have an outstanding concept for a new startup? It’s true that you need a domain to get started. So your very next step is cheap domain registration. However, besides having basic knowledge of domains like domain extension and registration, you must know the domain that suits you the best. But should you select a name that describes your business value? Or should you go with an actual domain name that can transform you into a brand or help you reach your goals? Or simply go out with any low-cost or easily available domain name, or what sounds good to your ears? Don’t know what to do? No problem! In this blog, you will learn a comparison; brandable vs descriptive domain.

So let’s get started!

There are two basic policies for selecting a domain name for your website.

  •  Brandable Domain Names
  •  Descriptive Domain Names

It’s up to your decision. Both domains are here to help you ideally assess and consider the best for your online business.

The right domain name can push your business forward in the market. So, it should work for you by being rapidly noticeable to searchers and catchy for customers to search for you for making a purchase. Your domain name makes you worthy of user trust and messages and lets visitors subscribe to your online presence.

Choosing the perfect domain can help you get your name before your target audience with the minimum struggle. However, remember picking a powerful domain name can take time. So, considering the difference between Brandable vs Descriptive domain, this blog will help you save time while thinking of a domain for your business website.

In addition, if you get help from the best domain registration Australia, you will indeed have a sparkling business presence. The domain registration process is equally important as the regular registration and renewal process.

Let’s get dig into this comparison:

What are descriptive domain names?

A descriptive domain name defines particularly what your business does or what you have to offer. For instance, you will come to know that flower.com offers flowers before you visit the website.

That’s one of the perks of selecting a descriptive name. Also, it is user-friendly and meaningful. People can easily guess what your website is about before visiting it.

Moreover, you can choose a lengthy name, such as WeSellYourhome.com. Thus, they could be just as operative as short names. Additionally, it might be easier to search for a longer domain name convenient as most one-word .com names are held.

Another advantage is that they could help with your SEO efforts to some extent. It is because you have your primary keyword or keyphrase in the website URL.

Always remember that when search engines get a sign from a keyword, then it is probable that the site is related to that search term. Therefore, it’s merely a very tiny part that describes the ranking. Putting it differently, don’t consider that having a keyword in your name you’ll rapidly rank at the top of the SERPs.

What are the drawbacks of using a descriptive domain name?

However, some businesses might not find these names as valuable as mentioned above. So this comparison of brandable vs descriptive domain also spotlights some cons of using the descriptive domain.

The substantial one is that suppose your business expands and you consider selling another product or service. In that case, it might mislead customers when they visit your website. For instance, it will be difficult for you to tell your customers that you have more products/ services than what your domain name narrates.

Just assume that Amazon.com would have begun with a name such as Books.com when it was established in the 1990s. The domain name would’ve been created since then, as they just sold books. But look now; they sell everything from toys to clothing brands to gardening accessories. However, a name like Books.com wouldn’t suit now.

So if you plan to register a domain name in Australia for your new online startup, you must ensure it matches your subscription three to five to ten years from now. Therefore, if you want to develop and sell another product or service, you must begin again with an innovative domain name.

Another drawback is that making a brand name around a descriptive name could be challenging. Hence, people can instantly tell what you’re vending or your business concerns. But they might not get a sense of your identity or how you’re different from other companies selling similar products.

One last drawback is that most one-word domain names with renowned extensions such as .com or .co.uk are carried-off. Thus, if you want the keyword way, search for a “narrower”, more targeted keyword, if it is possible for you. Employing a .co domain extension could help in this regard, as it is short in length and distinctive for related wording.

Moreover, if you desire to register a long-tail domain name, select it correctly. So it might not seem like junk and drive prospective customers away.

What are brandable domain names?

A brandable domain name is generally a non-keyword name with no specific descriptive meaning. Thus, it doesn’t spell out or state to people what the business concerns when they first see it.

Brandable domain names are usually built-in words like Google, Amazon, and Pinterest. Moreover, the good thing about them is that they’re distinct. And when you have a real name, it makes it very simple to transform it into a noticeable and easily identifiable brand.

Despite being unusual and attracting attention from the crowd, you could quickly get a distinguishing name or mark. For instance, Apple has trademarks for the term “apple” for things such as computers and watches. It’s just so no one could utilize your name easily.

Another advantage of brandable names is that they can barely be registered as domain names or linked with other companies, brands, or services.

What are the drawbacks of using a brandable domain name?

Next, let’s have a look at the downsides of having a brandable domain in the brandable vs descriptive domain comparison.

While thinking about a new word, it might be demanding, extended, and expensive to set up awareness and transform it into a noticeable brand. They are not essentially outstanding for search engine optimization SEO as they do not use keywords. Also, they are not very easy to memorize without investing in promotion and marketing. So, it means you might have to invest much more in SEO, content marketingPPC advertising, and even customer relations.

What about an association between the two domains?

That’s also a great choice, and it means using a descriptive keyword alongside another word, be it real or made-up. Hence, this could even be a good substitute for a pattern of connected keywords. For instance, fancybackpacks.com is an example of a domain name that links the two.

You could quickly tell from the web URL that they have a business of backpacks. Further, they have also added a brand name to make it noticeable and identifiable.

There are lots of other naming opportunities while selecting a combination of brandable and descriptive domains. For instance, you can easily transform your name into a brand. Hence, if your name is Thomas and you run a barbershop. Then naming the business “Thomas Barber Shop” comprises both a recognizable brand and a descriptor. It is just that you need to consider every current aspect and future goals of your business when you register domain name Australia.

Brandable vs Descriptive Domain:

In short, a business that desires to pay attention to brand making, name identification, and brand quality might want to pick a brandable domain. However, this is highly significant when the company needs to raise a warm association as part of its brand story.

On the other hand, a business that desires to appeal internet savvy clients might select to go with a descriptive domain name. Using a highly suitable keyword or phrase would help attract new leads.

How does a company know which policy is best? The following are some more details that could help you make this selection.

Why select a Brandable Domain Name?

There are several reasons why a brandable domain name is the best choice. One reason is that the company, organization, or people already has some name identification. Therefore, current strength could be lost if the website keeper selects to go with another name.

Branding is a strong policy:

Considering a brandable domain name as something concerned with a big business policy might be beneficial. The policy enables the customers to differentiate the website keeper from other businesses in a similar industry.

Therefore, brand awareness, identification, and industry memorization work together to develop an online existence.

Innovative brands might take a little longer to make that same drive as a descriptive name. Therefore, social media marketing campaigns and other advertisements can accelerate this expansion curve.

Once settled, a brandable domain can create a strong emotional association with customers. And that link is vital, as data depicts that about half of clients base their buying decisions on the recognized shared values with a company.

A reputed brand that has built fame in recent years is Airbnb. Though the name “Airbnb” is built-up, it is not hard to make a significant link.

Bed and breakfasts incline to be attractive, personally owned homes, which showcases the offering of Airbnb hosts. Hence, the name “Airbnb” favours bed-and-breakfast. Air signifies air travel. It’s short and relevant.

Airbnb is determined to expand in the vacation sociability industry by serving people who desire to host tourists in their homes. Therefore, developing a brandable name such as ‘www.airbnb.com’ helps both the company and its clients.

Why select a Descriptive Domain Name?

The policy behind selecting a descriptive domain name is a little straight than a brandable type. Rather than establishing a brand, this type of domain name specifies a keyword or keyword phrase rather than developing a brand. Thus, it determines the products or services the business or company delivers.

While selecting a descriptive name, find out something unique. For instance, if a business vends for mountain bikes, it likely makes more sense to choose mountainbikes.com than a usual name such as bikes.com.

These might be somewhat difficult to search, as there are a small number of associations of words accessible in each market niche. However, branded domains help from higher availability as some brand names are created words.

Descriptive names are accessible and user-friendly. It means visitors will visit your site with a determined awareness of your products or services. So, get ready to visit several pages while there.

SEO and Keyword Ranking is an influential policy

There are strong business objectives for selecting a descriptive name. For some companies, a brand name might be uncertain, and audiences might want to understand what the business is about.

A descriptive domain name might help the searchers identify products or services rapidly. Moreover, most descriptive domain names use keywords in the web address. Thus, it’s likely simple for users to find your business via a search engine like Google.

SEO is significant in determining the order in which a domain seems in SERPs. Until 2021, the worth of keywords in a URL was somewhat minimal. But as a section of the overall law of keywords on a site, most industry members review a keyword’s worth in search ranking.

Finally, users can likely have a simple time saying, spelling, or memorizing descriptive domain names, which is best for business.

Wrapping up

The above discussion points to the comparison between brandable vs descriptive domain names. Any business can be open to using the two separately or using a combination of the two. Moreover, the benefits and drawbacks show which domain name is best for which type of business. However, irrespective of the suitability, it can also be a matter of choice for the website/business/ domain owner. The company/ business will surely take off to the peak by selecting the right one.

Regardless of the domain name you find best for your business, registering it with a reputed company is also crucial. So, get the best domain name registration in Australia to have a fantastic start on your online business.

This content is originally published at: https://www.navicosoft.com.au/articles/invest-in-digital-healthcare-marketing

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