Stylish Kitchen Shelves for Every Home

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Whether it’s for storage or decoration, kitchen shelves are a hot design trend that can look great in any home. If styled correctly, they can add a bespoke look to an otherwise functional space. Styling kitchen shelving is all about balance. Make sure to color coordinate and use varying heights to draw the eye across your entire shelf.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are stylish and practical, offering space to showcase a few of your favorite bits and pieces. Whether it’s a set of chopping boards, salt and pepper shakers or tumblers for the kids’ drinks, you can display them on a sleek set of wood floating shelves. Keep your vignettes looking neat and tidy by styling similar-colored items together or stacking books vertically to create an X pattern that draws the eye across each shelf.

You can also tuck away items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in your cabinets, such as cleaning supplies, pantry staples, and other essentials. Choose shelves that are made of durable materials for longevity and style, with options including wood, metal, and a mix of both. Consider adding a touch of greenery to the mix by dotting your shelves with decorative vases or houseplants.

Corner Shelves

The angular shape of corner shelves makes them ideal for displaying vases, mugs, and other decorative items. They also work well for cookbooks and other kitchen shelves wall. If your shelf is short, be selective about what you put on it to avoid visual clutter. You can create a cohesive look with a set of shorter and longer corner shelves, or use one longer shelf on two walls for a more asymmetrical display. For a DIY option, measure the room corner where you want to place shelves and build a jig that lets you drill holes at the same location on each wooden strip.

Floating wall shelves in sleek manufactured wood are a modern addition to any home, but they’re especially ideal for contemporary spaces. They pair beautifully with neutrals and can be dressed up with a variety of accent pieces, from colorful ceramics to recycled glass and woven baskets. Just be sure to limit the color palette and use a limited amount of decor items to keep the look tidy and uncluttered.

Long Single Shelves

A long, single shelf the length of a kitchen wall creates a modern look and adds extra storage. This style works well for displaying a collection of objects, such as this kitchen’s covetable selection of vintage baking tins. Paint the shelves in a fresh color like this kitchen’s peacock blue for an unexpected pop of visual interest. Embrace a lived-in look with kitchen shelves that displays everything from dinnerware and cookware to art and decorative trinkets. 

Having all these bits on display encourages you to keep them tidy rather than using your cabinets and drawers as dumping grounds for pan lids and Tupperware boxes. These slatted shelves offer a lot of usable space and come with a set of brackets to mount on the wall. They’re also available in a few different finishes, so you can match them to your decor. Users who gave this shelving a four or five-star rating liked its attractive design, sturdy construction, and versatility when storing various kitchen items.

Hutch Shelves

Shelving in the kitchen isn’t just for pans and crockery but can also showcase decorative trinkets or even potted herbs. Creating a unified look with the kitchen shelves is easier than you might think. When choosing materials, opt for shelves that are painted in the same tone as kitchen worktop ideas or wall tiles to create a seamless finish. Styling open shelving is a great way to display collections and create a focal point in the room. Keeping the styling simple and limiting the number of items displayed is best, but don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Changing up the style on a regular basis, moving items around and swapping out the odd plant is all part of making your shelving truly ‘yours’. Hanging long decorative shelves over the stove is a stylish and practical solution for storing crockery, cooking utensils or tea towels. Displaying pretty jars filled with dry goods adds to the overall appeal of the shelving and keeps all your kitchen ingredients fresh too.

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