Portable gaming is huge these days, and the market is saturated with devices of all shapes and sizes. But there are always new players in the mix, and one such device is the Cat S62. Is this the next big thing in portable gaming? In this article, we will explore what this device is all about, and whether or not it’s worth your time and money. We will also take a look at some of its key features to help you decide if it’s the right device for you.

What is the Cat S62?

The Cat S62 is a new portable gaming device that is said to be the next big thing in portable gaming. The device has a 6-inch display, 8GB of storage, and supports games such as Temple Run, Clash of Clans, and Fruit Ninja. It also has a front-facing camera that can be used for video calls or other purposes. The Cat S62 is available for purchase now for $179.99.

What are the pros and cons of the Cat S62?

The Cat S62 is a gaming laptop that’s designed to be portable and lightweight. It has a GTX 1060 graphics processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. Some of the pros of the Cat S62 include its portability, lightweight, and GTX 1060 graphics processor. However, some cons of the Cat S62 include its price tag, limited battery life, and small screen size.

Is the Cat S62 the next big thing in portable gaming?

In recent years, the gaming industry has seen a big shift in favor of handheld devices over consoles. This trend is most visible with the younger generation, who seem to prefer playing their games on smaller screens that are more portable and convenient. One handheld device that has been dominating this market is the Nintendo Switch. However, one handheld device that may be able to challenge Nintendo’s market share is the Cat S62.

The Cat S62 is a new handheld gaming device from Sony that features a 6″ Full HD display and supports up to 4K video resolution. It also comes equipped with an 8-core processor and 2GB of RAM which allows for faster game loading times and richer graphics. Its biggest selling point, however, may be its price tag: at just $129.99 USD, it’s much cheaper than other comparable handheld devices on the market.

Cat S62

Despite its lower price tag, many experts believe that the Cat S62 could be the next big thing in portable gaming. Its large screen size makes it perfect for playing games on the go, and its 8-core processor and 2GB of RAM should make it somewhat immune to frame rates issues common with other devices in its price range. If Sony can bring this device to market at a reasonably priced price point without compromising on quality or performance, they may have a hit on their hands!


If you’re in the market for a new portable gaming system, the Cat S62 may be worth considering. This device is packed full of features and has been praised by many people as being one of the best portable gaming systems on the market. Plus, with its sleek design and lightweight build, it’s sure to be comfortable to carry around. So if you’re looking for a powerful portable gaming system that won’t break the bank, the Cat S62 might be just what you’re looking for.