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Wellness to Keep You Happy and Healthy

The topic of health and wellness is a popular topic in recent times. From modern yoga classes to the latest diet trends, everyone is looking for the next movement. However, you don’t require an expensive gym membership or a personal chef to get healthy. Sometimes, the answer is just by clicking your mouse.Wellness blogs are an excellent way to keep up with the latest news and inspire others to live an active and healthy lifestyle. From fitness and Nutrition to mental and spiritual well-being, these sites have various helpful resources to help you improve your health.

Blogs on health and wellness are worth reading.

To help you save time, we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the most popular health blogs on the web. If you’re looking to stay fit, experimenting with new healthy recipes, clearing your mind — or any of these, these blogs can help you establish a more nutritious lifestyle. Keep this list in your bookmarks to have them on hand for when you’ll need them the most.

Fitness blogs

The Balanced Life of Robin Long

What’s the reason to follow? As a fitness instructor and mother of four children, Robin Long’s mantra is “Grace over guilt.” Robin offers a wide range of complimentary Pilates and barre classes designed to assist busy women in integrating exercise at home into their routines. Balanced Life provides far more than just workout videos. It also provides a supportive members’ community and a website with healthy recipes, intentional lifestyle tips, and targeted training programs to assist you in reaching your fitness goals.

ACE Fitness

Why should you follow? What is the reason? American Council on Exercise (ACE) hosts this healthy and fit lifestyle blog. It doesn’t require an Olympic athlete to apply these tips for wellness! This ACE Fitness blog has accessible exercises that everyone can do at home. From fun family exercises that parents and children can participate in together to specific fitness and stress-reduction strategies appropriate for your age, This blog will inspire you to take care of your health without needing a gym membership.

Run to the Finish

Why should you follow? Each community of runners has its own distinct health and nutrition requirements, and the Run to the Finish blog will help you meet them. Suppose you’re beginning to take up the sport or are an experienced marathoner. In that case, This blog addresses the issues specific to runners of all levels, such as managing knee pain, incorporating strength training, and finding the right equipment to ensure you’re secure and comfortable during your runs.

Yoga with Adriene

If reaping the numerous positive effects of yoga has become an integral part of your health and fitness regimen, Yoga with Adriene can assist you in getting there. With hundreds of yoga videos of varying intensity, individuals of all levels will find something suitable. Adriene has yoga classes to address every health issue, including gentle stretching to ease stress and kick-starting digestion after eating a large meal.

Born Fitness

This fitness blog can help you understand the complicated realm of fitness. Interview fitness experts and Nutritionists. Then, they write informative articles with the best advice and expert tips. Go to this stylish website, simple to search for science-based answers to your fitness-related questions.

Nutrition blogs

Running on Real Food

This blog on plant-based foods isn’t only for vegans! You’ll find recipes designed to nourish your body with healthy food items without sacrificing flavor. If you want to tickle your palate with No-Bake Brownie Bite as well as Vegan Black-Bean Burritos, Running on Real Food provides simple recipes that you can use to cook healthy and delicious food at home.

Fit Foodie Finds

Lee Funke, founder of Fit Foodie Finds, leads her followers to find healthy, balanced and healthy recipes without declaring food items “bad” or “off-limits.” The site is an excellent source of healthy recipes that are easy to make ahead, which results in delicious homemade Hummus or Asian broccoli salad that is ready to go during a busy day. Funke is also a writer who writes about her battle with anxiety and depression and her strategies for wellness to ensure her mental health is prioritized.


This unique blog about Nutrition is designed to assist athletes and those with active lifestyles. FWDfuel offers recipes and tips on dietary adjustments to prevent inflammation and fatigue, enhance digestion, and pinpoint food sensitivities while keeping the energy needed to be active. FWDfuel was written by nutritionists, among them one who collaborates with The Cleveland Cavaliers!

Nutrition Stripped

After a series of migraines and a lack of energy brought her to a point of no return as a dietician and nutritionist, McKel Hill finally discovered her niche: the realm of Nutrition. She created Nutrition Stripped to help readers experience their bodies and how they were designed to perform. She achieves this by presenting lifestyle writing, recipes, articles, and other valuable sources.

The Roasted Root

What is the reason to follow? The blogger Julia Mueller sees food as medicine and believes you should, too! It’s no secret that the Roasted Root is home to many recipes designed to lower inflammation and avoid illness. There’s no reason not to try delicious treats such as Paleo Espresso Chocolate Chunk Cookies or the 30-Minute Thai Basil Chicken. This is where to begin if you’re looking for a diet that will give you an all-naturally well-being body and mind.

Blogs on mindfulness and mental health

Dear Therapist

Atlantic Column is run weekly by a licensed marriage and family therapist Lori Gottlieb. In Dear Therapist, readers will find the answers to the questions of real readers that range from the familiar (“I cannot stand my sister-in-law”) up to the shocking (“My girlfriend had an affair with me”). Coworker”). .”). Gottlieb addresses these questions with compassion, empathy and honesty. Her responses offer tips anyone can take to improve their psychological and emotional health.

NAMI blog

The official blog site of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, offers a scientifically-based approach to mental health issues without judgment or shame, from helping a child with OCD to discussing the causes of hallucinations. This blog addresses everything. NAMI allows readers to “ask the expert” any pressing questions that haven’t been answered.

Tiny Buddha: What’s the point? The blog offers a range of content about “simple wisdom for complex lives,” however, the mindfulness section is notable for practical advice for living a more peaceful, mindful life. You can find meditation techniques to ease anxiety, discover methods to strengthen your connection to nature, and more. If it’s easy living and a calm mind you’re looking for, Tiny Buddha is an excellent place to start.Zen Habits. The blogger Leo Babuta has been sharing his experience of mindfulness through Zen Habits since 2007. For over a decade of blogging, the blogger has covered almost every subject you can think of, including quitting work and focusing on the art of minimalism, dealing with death, facing anxiety, and cultivating creativity — and this is just a tiny portion. Zen Habits offers relatable life tips without being a preacher. Start here if you’re on a health journey that involves a simpler life.

Pick the Brain

With words such as motivation, productivity, self-improvement and health, There’s no reason not to be satisfied when you visit this website. Pick the Brain is more comprehensive than your typical “self-help” blog, focusing on self-education and psychology and taking healthy living to a whole new level. The blog offers articles about ways to meditate that will help you keep your mind focused, daily accomplishments you can be proud of while combating depression, and tips for exercising to improve your mental well-being.

Living a healthy lifestyle


Intending to change how people consume, exercise, live and move, mindbodygreen is providing information on everything from fitness and Nutrition to relationships and stress. It’s your one-stop source for everything wellness-related, and you’ll always be energized by reading informative recipes, articles, techniques, and tips.

MyFitnessPal blog

This blog is part of MyFitnessPal, the fitness program of choice with the same name, which offers some of the best things related to healthy living. Go to the MyFitnessPal blog to find recipes for healthy eating and at-home workouts developed by top athletes such as Lindsay Vonn, solutions to questions about Nutrition that are commonly asked and much more.


“Healthy living from the inside out” is the principle of Avocadu founders Lauren and Alex. After seeing their friends in awe of fad diets and confusing recipes, they came together to develop their wellness website. At Avocadu, you’ll find daily routines to aid in living a healthier lifestyle, food guides and recipes to help you nourish your body, and workout videos that will assist you in achieving your objectives.

Furthermore by Equinox

Beautiful, crisp design and plenty of helpful discussions about fitness and health are the topics you’ll find on this site. Equinox’s staff members believe that your body is the most valuable investment. That’s why they’re passionate about sharing ideas and advice in a way that will assist you in reaching your healthful life goals.


Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula are co-founders of Well+Good. The two founded the company as the premier lifestyle and news site devoted to the wellness and health industry. The blog is constantly updated with trends in the health and wellness scene and reports on the latest in health, natural beauty, boutique fitness, and much more.

Health news

NPR Shots

The health news section of NPR is your primary source for the latest news about health care across the country and around the globe. NPR Shots keeps you up-to-date about everything from outbreaks and public health issues to the latest news in insurance companies. When you read this blog, you’ll know what’s happening within the wellness field.

Well by the New York Times

Writers contribute to the blog with articles about interesting topics related to healthful living. “Can You Be Fat but Fit?” and “Turning Your Smartphone into a Breathalyzer” are only a few examples of the exciting and informative content on the Well blog. The blog also has “Ask” articles, which provide answers to health-related queries submitted by readers.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health is a resource for everything from A to Z, literally! This website is the best resource for various ailments and symptoms, along with the most up-to-date information on the latest developments in healthcare as well as breakthroughs in the field of diseases. The fun continues beyond there. Everyday Health also offers articles on emotional and mental health. Incorporating health tools like symptom checkers, food planners and diabetes journals, it’s evident that this website offers something for all.

Healthy Living by HuffPost

You’ve heard of Huffington Post, and their Healthy Living blog lives up the title. They not only provide the latest tips and tricks to improve your health and well-being across all aspects and areas, but they also offer helpful advice on how to help your family and friends live a healthier lifestyle. This is the best site if you’re looking for a more political or news-oriented take on wellness-related topics.


This health-focused site provides the most current health news in a manner that is useful to everyday people. There’s no need to be an athletically gifted or medical professional to gain the most value from this content! Healthline provides timely, helpful informational articles such as the best method to wear a face mask, the right way to build a flexible home gym, and the most suitable time to have coffee without disrupting sleep.

Are you ready to encourage your lifestyle to be healthier?

By reading this collection of health blogs, You’re now equipped to take your health and fitness up to a higher level. As a health professional, it’s possible to learn more about ways to extend your reach and spread these ideas on a broader scale.

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