What Tech Do I Need To Invest in As a Small Business Owner?

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As a small business owner, you constantly need to evaluate the different tech tools and services that you leverage across your business. After all, keeping current with emerging technologies is a surefire way to help ensure that your brand stays current and relevant for your evolving consumer base. However, there’s one primary drawback for many entrepreneurs: Choosing between software platforms and managed services can be daunting.

With so many different software platforms, plugins, tools, and widgets, deciding on your brand’s software suite takes time and a fair deal of experimentation. While specific programs might have robust cross-platform compatibility, other ones may seem like the right solution until they’re in place.

Whether you’re looking into cloud contact center software or small business videography solutions that can help connect you to your target audience, here are a few things you should know about the different products and services currently available on the market.

Cloud contact centers are incredibly versatile.

As customer demands evolve, so too must the customer experience. These days, customer expectations are constantly rising, and it’s not enough to provide adequate customer service. Instead, the customer experience should make sense for your industry, leverage customer data, and lead to meaningful touchpoints with the suitable agents at the right time. That’s why so many developing brands rely on call center cloud solutions to meet customer expectations and craft remarkable customer experiences. Why is that? Well, for starters, contact center tools make it easier to improve agent productivity with workforce management integrations. These customer service integrations are beneficial for businesses of all sizes, and they provide more granular control over your department.

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Beyond that, contact center tools and call center software make it easier to track your customer service pipeline. Whether a customer is calling into your phone system, chatting with you via social media, or responding to a promotional SMS via their mobile device, you need to ensure that your agents are available and responsive. Barring that, you need effective chatbot solutions in your call center to cover any staffing gaps. These call center tools empower your brand and make it easier to craft a meaningful customer and agent experience. Even your supervisors will thank you for upgrading to a new phone system or call center software platform.

Video software and hardware improve brand visibility.

If you’re trying to take your business to the next level, you need to follow some marketing best practices to help you shine on all of your communications channels. Insofar as communications technology is concerned, video is still essential for many users. High-quality video content can often mean the difference between a business’s success and its potential failure. Due to video marketing’s reliability, you must work with a video content platform that can help you develop more meaningful small business video reels than your competitors.

Video content can guide viewers toward purchases, help them learn more about your brand, and even improve customer satisfaction amongst viewers. As such, when you’re working with video marketing, it pays to take the time to get things right. Even if you don’t have a large video marketing budget, you can still handle specific content needs in-house. For some businesses, it’s also helpful to consider a video marketing and tech agency that can help connect you to the right solutions and marketing techniques that your brand needs to engage viewers.

Whether you’re reviewing your legacy contact center technology metrics to see about an upgrade or you’re trying to build a comprehensive suite of tools for your video needs, the right tech tools are a must for any growing business. With a few smart investments, you can give your brand a fighting chance.

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