Why Most of the Students Choose Canada for Higher Study

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Moving to Canada for further studies become a trend. Every year thousands of candidates appear in the IELTS class in order to fulfill the eligibility criteria for a study visa. Studying abroad is a good opportunity for students. As they get numerous benefits while studying abroad. Such as they get a chance to explore a new part of the world, gain new experiences, go through new cultures, make new friends, learn under the new education system and environment, have independence, and many more. 

Apart from this candidates also have to face some challenges like culture shock, homesickness, language barrier, and so on. However, with some tips and tricks international students can overcome all these problems.

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Have a look at the reason why students choose Canada as their first priority

Enjoy the Quality of Life

In Canada, international students get the opportunity to enjoy high living standards. While studying international students can enjoy the same fundamental rights and freedoms as all Canadians. These rights and freedoms include respect for human rights and the promotion of equality. Moreover, students enjoy diversity over there. They get a chance to live in a harmonious and peaceful society.

Find Flexible and High-Quality Education Options

From pre-secondary through post-secondary levels, Canada is renowned for its high-quality education and research programs. So, international students will also have the freedom to move between levels and types of education without encountering barriers. This opportunity they will not get in other countries.  They get the opportunity to choose from over 8,000 colleges and 16,000 universities. However,  the 7 Canadian universities are among the top 200 universities in the world.

Welcoming Environment

Canada is a welcoming, inclusive, and culturally diverse country.  International students will feel welcome in their communities and in classrooms. Canada is home to over 250 ethnicities, 200 languages from all over the world, and 70 native Canadian languages.

Find An Affordable Option

In Canada, scholarships and work placements are available to help you pay for your studies. Many programs offer cooperative work placements and internships. It will help you to gain practical experience while you are studying. The majority of international students are entitled to work while studying. After that, they obtain a Post-graduate Work Permit following completion of their studies.

Get a Long-Term Return On Your Investment

Maximize your return on investment by leveraging your internationally recognized Canadian credentials to advance your career. Regardless of whether you choose to remain in Canada or move back home. Your Canadian credentials and network will set you up for success in the future. According to a recent study by Statistics Canada, most graduate international students who worked during their studies or after graduation went on to become landed immigrants within a decade of obtaining their initial study permit.

Experience Memorable Adventures

Discover the culture, the social life, the travel, and the four seasons of Canada. Choose between urban and rural communities across Canada’s provinces and territories, and discover vibrant communities and stunning landscapes. In Canada, you have the opportunity to study either one of Canada’s official languages, from kindergarten through postgraduate study.

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Wrapping up

To sum it up, going abroad is a golden chance for international students. However, students have many options such as the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand,  and many more. But their first priority is Canada. Due to the above-mentioned reasons Canada become the first preference of international students.

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