Crystalline Agony: A Comprehensive Guide to Kidney Stone Signs and Symptoms

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Kidney Stones hamper our daily life. It is really common among many people, but its occurrence is really painful for us. It has more chances of occurrence in men than women. 

The formation of crystallized stones is the result of our own lifestyle and ignorance. And it can be corrected effectively without any problem if we bring changes to it. 

According to the best urologist in Punjab, there are these signs and symptoms that confirm the presence of these harmful objects inside your kidneys and can prove detrimental if not treated on time. 

You also need to keep in mind that these substances can vary in size.

Here are these things that should not be ignored given below:

  1. Severe Pain: This is the most prominent thing that happens in this condition. It happens either in your back, lower abdomen, or groin. It has fluctuating intensity and often occurs in waves.
  2. Painful urination: People with kidney stones often suffer from pain while urinating. It may come out in small amounts.
  3. Blood in urine: It happens due to the passage of a stone. The urine may look red, brown or pinkish.
  4. Frequent urge to pee: Individuals suffering from this disease do experience an increased urge to urinate more than usual. 
  5. Vomiting and Nausea: due to the severe pain caused by these stones, some people can vomit or feel nauseated.
  6. UTI: Kidney stones can bring a significant risk of urinary tract infections that can also cause fever, chills, and cloudy or foul-smelling urine. 
  7. Difficulty in passing urine: Kidney stones act as an obstruction for the urine to pass and make it hard to stop.
  8. Shifting of pain: the pain that we suffer in our lower abdomen, back, and groin sometimes radiates or shifts from one place to another, making our daily lives miserable.

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Ways to Manage This Issue

If you get in touch with the best urologist in Ludhiana, you will find solutions to tackle the stones and prevent their formation for a top-quality life.

Here are the key things that we can do to keep these not-so-good crystals out of our kidneys in the following ways:

  1. Staying hydrated to dilute the crystal-forming substances out of our body. It also helps in flushing out these stones that can be present in small amounts.
  2. Create a special diet to counter its symptoms by limiting the intake of calcium, animal protein and foods that contain oxalate to curb their formation.
  3. Physical activities to keep yourself fit, fine and healthy and avoid any complications in the future.
  4. Taking prescribed medication to avoid stone formation will keep the levels of substances in the urine that can create crystals in your kidneys.


These are some of the best ways to get rid of these stones and avoid their formation. It helps us remain fit and fine without any problems.

Consulting doctors while encountering these symptoms will help you get timely relief from their complications. 

Hence, you can keep your kidneys free from these stones, keep yourself healthy, and have a good future.

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