How Much Does Shopify App Development Cost?

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Building an online business today is a difficult task, especially if you have to start from scratch. We all know that various eCommerce businesses are already thriving, and to beat them, you need to develop an app that can face the challenges and keep the customers engaged. Building a future-proof eCommerce app requires choosing the right development platform and assistance from an expert Shopify app development company. Another important task is understanding the development cost, which matches your budget constraints. The blog below will discuss the costs associated with development and factors that impact the final estimation. 

First, let’s see what statistics have to say about Shopify: 

  • Shopify has earned a revenue of approximately $755 Billion as of now.
  • STYLE FACTORY states Shopify has collectively generated an astonishing $700+ billion in revenue in its history of 17 years.
  • Shopify itself has confirmed that sellers from over 175 countries use their platform.

Factors Affecting Shopify App Development Cost

App Design

An intuitive UI/UX design is critical to the success of your mobile app. A study by Forrester states that a good UI can boost conversion rates up to 200%. A well-designed app with a user-friendly interface is required to attract more customers and boost sales. However, the complexity of mobile app design, design elements, and the number of screens will increase the eCommerce app development cost. 

App Development Platform

The app platform you choose for development will undoubtedly be determined by your target audience. The most common platforms, with 98% of the market share, are iOS and Android. However, developing a native eCommerce app for each can lead to higher costs. On the contrary, you can invest in cross-platform development frameworks like React Native and Flutter to minimize your expenses and offer a multi-platform experience over every screen.

Complexity of App’s Features and Functionality

The essential features and complex features added to the app will impact the development cost. The higher the complexity of the features, the more time it will take to complete the process. And, when the timeframe is higher, it will directly impact the cost.

The features that can increase the eCommerce mobile app development cost include a product catalog, shopping cart, payment gateway integration, push notifications, user profile management, AI-based product recommendation, and social media integration. Also, you can read this blog explaining the eCommerce app development cost to understand the detailed cost breakdown.

Location of the eCommerce Mobile App Development Company

The Shopify development company you choose for your app project will directly impact the success of your product in the market and is a key determining factor of the development cost. If the company is located in top developed countries, such as the USA and the UK, the cost will be higher, whereas if they are based in India or Dubai, the expenses will tend to be lower.

Integration of Payment Gateways and Third-Party APIs

One of the must-have features of an eCommerce mobile app is payment gateway integration and flexible API integration. Linking numerous payment gateways and digital wallets into the app is important to streamline the payment process but will also increase costs. Additionally, the third-party integrations and custom-built APIs integrated into your app will certainly impact the final estimation.

App Maintenance

Once the app is launched in the respective application store, it’s essential to maintain and monitor it continuously. Maintenance services are usually part of Shopify development services but incur an expense when the level of support required by the app is comprehensive. The cost of app maintenance will be determined based on its complexity, number of updates required, and the level of support needed to ensure optimal performance and consistent functioning of your app.

What is the Shopify App Development Cost?

On average, the Shopify app development can take up to 10 months with 300+ hours in development, and the cost can range from $25 to $100 per hour, depending on the abovementioned factors. A basic Shopify app can cost around $5000 – $15000. The more customized features and integrations added to the application, the higher will be the cost.

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Here is the formula to calculate Shopify app development cost:

Final Cost of Shopify mobile app = No. of Development Hours x Hourly Rates

Bottom Line

When you plan to develop a Shopify app, there are many things you need to learn, such as the development process, the features you want to add to the app, its design, and integrations. Based on these elements, the eCommerce app development company will determine the final cost estimation and share the same with you. Remember that to match the estimation with your budget, it’s essential to have a prior idea of the expenses. This will help you recognize if the team charges additional costs, which aren’t usually levied.


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