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Migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365: Manual Approach

Migrating from Google Workspace to Office 365 may seem like typical task, but it is not like that! With this guide and a little bit of knowledge, you can safely transition from Google Workspace to Office 365 without any hassle. Utilizing the manual migration method as compared to an automated one – might take longer. In the following article, we will provide an overview of the manual method for transferring user mailboxes from Google Workspace to Office 365. Here’s everything you need to know in order to make this switch a seamless process.

Consideration for Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration

Below are some points that are needed to keep in mind while migrating mailboxes from G Suite to Microsoft Office 365.

Preparing for the Migration

Before starting the migration process, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful and hassle free migration. Below are some important considerations:

Assess your current Google Workspace setup: Take note of your current Google Workspace environment, including user accounts, email, calendars, contacts, and documents. Identify any specific requirements like Google Drive Content etc. that need to be transferred to Office 365.

Create a migration plan: Develop a comprehensive plan outlining the timeline, resources required, and potential challenges. Assign roles and responsibilities to team members involved in the migration process.

Transferring Mailbox Data

One of the most important parts of the migration process is transferring mailbox data. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless transition:

Set up Office 365 accounts: Add and verify the domain in Office 365. Create user accounts on Office 365 and configure the necessary settings, such as email aliases and distribution lists.

Migrate Mailbox Data: In Microsoft 365, use the Migration Tab to create Migration Batch for the migration of the mailbox to Microsoft 365. It includes migration of emails, contacts, calendars and rules. You will need to perform some tasks manually for the migration that you can find in this guide on migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365.

You can also approach Email Migration Services Provider to get your migration work done. They will do the migration on your behalf and in the meantime, you can focus on other necessary works.

Transferring Documents and Files

Moving your documents and files from Google Drive to OneDrive is essential to enjoy uninterrupted collaboration and access of the files. Below you can see the same:

Set up OneDrive: Configure OneDrive account to each and every user by signing into the accounts.

Transfer files: In Microsoft 365, use the SharePoint admin center to migrate Google Drive content to OneDrive for Business. This can be done using SharePoint Admin center.

Testing and Post-Migration Steps

Once the migration is complete, it is recommended to test the new environment and ensure that everything is working fine. Here are some post-migration steps to consider:

Test user accounts: Verify that all user accounts have been successfully migrated and that users can access their email, calendars, contacts, and files.

Validate data integrity: Double-check that all data, including emails, contacts, calendars, and documents, has been transferred accurately and is accessible within the respective Office 365 applications.

Update MX records: Once the data validation is complete, you need to update the MX records to the Microsoft 365. It is needed to send and receive emails in your new environment.

Decommission Google Workspace: Once you have confirmed the success of the migration, deactivate and decommission your Google Workspace accounts to avoid any confusion or duplication of data.


Migrating from Google Workspace to Office 365 requires proper planning and execution. With the right guide and knowledge, users can complete the process with minimal downtime and risk. The manual approach is time taking but worth saving money for the successful transition. We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable information on Migration from Google Workspace to Office 365. Feel free to ask anything if needed.

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