If you are an anime lover or anime fan then you must be familiar with the Wcostream site which is pretty much popular among the people as it allows them to watch their favourite anime without paying anything for it. 

But most of the anime streaming sites usually operate illegally and some of the sites are also outright scams which do not hesitate to steal the money and sensitive data of the users. 

Talking about wco streams, in this blog we will be getting to know is wcostream legal and if it is good for you to use it for watching anime or not. 

Wco stream and its safety and legality 

The site is extremely famous among the users as the content is of high quality and all the high quality content is provided to the users for free without charging even a single penny. 

Another reason why this website is so popular among the users is because of the vast library it has of cartoons as well as anime, and sometimes it also hosts movies too which makes it a good platform for movie lovers as well. 

You will not even need to create an account on the platform for watching the anime content or the cartoons which you want to and you will be directly able to access the content via the home page of the site. 

On the site content is sorted out in various categories such as dubbed, cartoon, subbed, movies, etc which makes it pretty easy for the users to find out the content they are looking for. 

The short answer to your doubt about if wco stream is legal or not is yes, the site is legit but it is based on the criteria which gives it a clearance as a legitimate site. 

Even though wcostream anime is considered legit, there are still several factors which you should keep in mind such as there is no authentic review on the internet yet about it. 

If the site does not have reports of scam you should focus on the part that since there are not positive reviews about it, it makes it not trustworthy. 

Alternatives to be used in place of wcostream for the users to watch anime

If you are unable to access the wco stream site then you might be looking for a wcostream alternative which is why we have mentioned some of the sites which you can use as alternatives for wco stream.

Watch cartoon online 

Wco anime sub

Wco forever

Anime flix

Kiss anime

Anime bubble

9 anime show

Stream anime

Vids streaming

Anime episodes 

9 anime tv 


Ani watcher 

Kim cartoon 

Cartoon son 

Kiss cartoon 

These are the sites which will provide you cartoons as well as anime and just like wco they will not charge from you for accessing the content. 

You can find out about more such alternatives by accessing website waybinary where reliable and useful details will be provided to you in simple and straight terms which are easy to understand.