Moonstone – Benefits, Price, Value & More

Moonstone – Benefits, Price, Value & More

Moonstone – the beautiful stone with an appealing look, found in many colors is sparkling gorgeous. The one found in white, the color of the moon looks the most elegant. The moonstone has the shadow of the moon which provides calmness and serenity just like the moon does. The mystically beautiful stone Moonstone has a lot of worth both because of its attractive look and the importance it has in astrology. Being linked with the moon and called the moon stone, this stone is said to have the qualities of the moon. And the properties of the stone provide a lot of advantages to the wearer.

In Hindi, this stone is known as Chandramani, which means jewel of the moon. In this article, we will learn more about the stone of the moon, the benefits it provides, and its value as well as importance.

Importance of Moonstone Gem

As the name already suggests, in astrology, the moonstone has its link with the astrological planet Moon. If you have the negative effects of the Moon in your Kundli or Birth Chart, you should be wearing this gemstone. Once you wear this stone with proper procedure and after proper consultation, the stone will remove all the negative effects from your life. Your life will be filled with positivity and tranquility.

Astrological Benefits of the Moonstone

Moonstone has a seductive charm and captivating color variations that draw in hearts. According to Vedic astrology, there are many benefits of moonstone  that you can get after wearing this stone:

  • The moonstone is spiritually significant as it improves your capacity to sense. You’ll benefit from it in your journey to God. The energy of the stone will help you in your spiritual activities. You will be more focused as well as your concentration powers will also increase.

  • Since the moon is the ruling planet, the stone represents the peace and allure of the color white thanks to the influence of the moon.

  • Additionally, it is claimed to balance emotions and strengthen the wearer’s intuition.

  • A natural moonstone increases self-awareness in the wearer while also boosting alertness in you.

  • As it sharpens your senses, this stone also enables you to observe your environment and respond appropriately.

  • Many cultures have long held the notion that this stone possesses a warding force. It functions as a shield and charm that keeps the wearer safe from any type of harm. This is why the moonstone was frequently worn by travelers to protect themselves from dangerous situations as it shielded the bearer from numerous negative energies.

  • Additionally, the moonstone will lessen tension, anxiety, and nightmares. You’ll sleep better as a result.

  • Furthermore, it will balance your moods or emotions, improve your mental health, and give you the self-assurance to be who you are.

Healing Properties of the Moonstone

The stone has a positive impact on the wearer’s intellect, spirit, and body. The energy of moonstones will promote tranquility and balance the wearer’s hormones and emotions. This is why it is used to heal a person medically.

By addressing digestive problems including decreasing acidity and other disorders, the stone helps the digestive system as a whole.

The stone regulates blood flow within the body of the person as well, keeping blood circulating. Treatment of brain problems is one of the moonstone’s health benefits.

Additionally, this stone is useful for treating headaches, sunburns, and nosebleeds.

Moonstones are said to relax the uterus of a woman. It also regulates the menstrual cycle, lessens menstrual cramps, and helps with conception.

Original Moonstone Price

The price of moonstone starts with a good range between INR 500 to INR 10,000 per carat. The variance in the cost range of the stone is because of a number of factors which can change the stone. These aspects are the cut, color, clarity and weight of the moonstone. The origin and finesse of the stone which means the quality, will also increase or decrease the price.

To Conclude

The moonstone will bring a lot of changes into your life, especially harmony and balance. A wearer’s perceptions are enhanced by the moonstone’s spiritual and aesthetic appeal. So, You will feel cool and collected as a result.

Also, the stone improves the wearer physically, spiritually, and emotionally by boosting creativity and self-confidence.

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