Finding an effective way to stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months is crucial. POCKET PANDA focuses on providing high-quality misting systems, patio misting kits and cobra brackets, etc., to bring you excellent cooling solutions. Let’s learn more about POCKET PANDA, a brand born for quality and service

Misting system: What is it?

You may have heard of a misting system but aren’t sure what exactly it is. In short, a misting system is a smart and efficient solution to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment by atomizing water into tiny water droplets. These systems are suitable for a variety of applications including outdoor recreation, greenhouse cultivation, industrial production and commercial establishments

POCKETPANDA excellent quality is unmatched

POCKET PANDA firmly believes that excellent products start with excellent quality. They manufacture every misting system, patio misting kit, and cobra mount to the highest standards, ensuring users get a reliable and long-lasting product. Whether you’re using these devices in your home yard, patio, or commercial setting, POCKET PANDA can’t beat the quality

POCKET PANDA misting system is designed to provide instant thirst quenching and cooling during the hot summer months. They use sophisticated nozzle technology to atomize water into tiny droplets, bringing hot temperatures down in an instant. These systems are suitable for a variety of applications including home yards, patios, conservatories, and commercial premises

patio Misting Kit: Easily Upgrade Your patios

If you already have a patio, the POCKETPANDA Patio Misters is ideal for upgrading your existing equipment. These kits include high quality nozzles and hoses that easily connect to your patios to give you instant cooling. They are easy to install and are ideal as a comfort solution at home, at work or in shops, the patio misting kit from POCKETPANDA is this innovative solution, let’s find out more about its charm

On hot summer days, patios are a common choice for staying comfortable and cooling down. However, you can further boost the performance of your patio to make summer even cooler and more pleasant.

Misting Technology: Take summer cooling to the next level.

The Patio Misters is a striking innovation that combines traditional Patios with highly efficient misting technology. By atomizing tiny water droplets into fine particles, Patio Misters are able to provide instant cooling. This is because the water droplets absorb the surrounding heat when evaporating, so that the ambient temperature drops rapidly, bringing you coolness and comfort

Simple installation: suitable for various patio types.

One of the great advantages of Patio Misters is their simplicity of installation. It can be easily attached to various types of Patios without complicated tools or specialized skills. This means you can mount it on a standing Patio in your home patio, a ceiling Patio on your patio, or even a desk Patio in your office. Wherever you are, coolness is at your fingertips

Instant Thirst Quenching: Suitable for many occasions.

The Patio Misters is suitable for many occasions. It provides instant thirst quenching and cooling, whether at home breaks, open air parties or commercial venues to provide a better customer experience. This makes summer activities more pleasant without worrying about the heat

Energy saving and environmental protection: efficient cooling, low energy consumption,

Compared with traditional air conditioning systems, Patio misting kits have significant energy saving advantages. They use relatively little water, lowering temperatures while reducing energy consumption, lowering your energy bills. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution

 A new summer experience: Choose POCKET PANDA  Patio Misters.

The Patio Misters from POCKET PANDA represents a new comfort experience for summer. They give you an easy and efficient way to beat the heat and keep you cool during the sweltering summer months. Choose POCKET PANDA, upgrade your Patio and enjoy the cool summer!

Cobra Stand: Height Adjustable and Sturdy and Stable

THE POCKET PANDA cobra stand is designed to meet different needs. They are height-adjustable and can be customized to your spraying needs. Rugged and stable, these stands are suitable for outdoor and industrial environments, ensuring even and consistent spray coverage

  • Height Adjustable: Meet Various Needs: The POCKET PANDA cobra stand adopts a height adjustable design, making it suitable for many occasions. No matter what height you need to mount your misting system, these brackets will meet your requirements. This flexibility makes it easy to adapt to various environments, ensuring consistent atomization results.
  • Sturdy and Stable: Proven Durability. POCKET PANDA focuses on durability and stability, so their cobra mounts are rigorously tested and proven. These stands are made of strong materials to ensure that they perform well in the outdoor environment, unaffected by inclement weather or other external elements. Whether in the home yard, on the patio, or in an industrial location, these brackets can stably support the misting system for long-lasting and stable operation
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of needs. POCKET PANDA’s cobra stand is a versatile tool that can be adapted to a variety of needs. They are not only suitable for misting systems but can also be used to support other equipment such as cameras, lamps or signage. This versatility makes them ideal for a variety of occasions, not only providing support but also enhancing efficiency and convenience
  • Professional Support: Provide the best support for your misting system. POCKET PANDA not only provides high-quality products but also provides professional support. Their team will provide you with detailed instructions on the installation and use of the brackets, ensuring you get the most out of these brackets. None

Terrace black and white misting system: a new definition of summer comfort

On a hot summer day, the terrace becomes an ideal place for many people to relax and entertain. And in order to keep you comfortable in this hot season, POCKET PANDA launched the patio misting system(black and white), which will bring a revolutionary change to your terrace experience. Now, let’s take a deep dive into this exciting product and how it could redefine your summer

POCKET PANDA patio’s black and white misting system represents a new definition of summer comfort. Whether used on a home patio, restaurant patio or commercial location, these systems will keep your patio cool and comfortable. Choose POCKET PANDA to make your summer cooler and more exciting!

Beautiful design: unmatched appearance

The black and white misting system of POCKET PANDA is not only a practical tool, but also a decorative highlight for the terrace. They come in a black and white hose design that is stylish and eye-catching, compatible with a variety of patio decor styles. These systems stand out for their streamlined look and elegant nozzle design, adding a modern touch to your patio

Environmentally friendly and efficient: save energy and reduce costs

Compared with the traditional air conditioning system, the terrace black and white misting system has significant energy saving advantages. They use relatively little water, lowering temperatures while reducing energy consumption, lowering your energy bills. An eco-friendly and affordable solution that allows you to enjoy summer comfort while reducing your environmental impac

Why choose POCKET PANDA?

  • Superior Quality: POCKET PANDA prides itself on superior quality, ensuring users receive a reliable and long-lasting product.
  • Variety of options: They offer a variety of models and configurations to meet different needs and application scenarios.
  • Professional support: POCKET PANDA’s professional team provides installation and maintenance support to ensure that your system is always running efficiently.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient: their products are designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce costs
  • Simple Installation: Our misting systems are easy to install and require no specialized skills. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy a fresh and cool atomization effect
  • Adaptable: Whether it’s a home yard, patio, conservatory or commercial setting, we have a misting system to suit your needs. Custom options to ensure specific needs are met

how to buy

Purchasing our misting systems is easy. You can visit our website to browse details of different models, or get in touch with our professional team for customized advice. We’ll support you with installation and maintenance to keep your system running efficiently.

In this hot summer, don’t be disturbed by the high temperature any more. Welcome to our misting system store and enjoy a new experience of thirst quenching, cooling and comfort. Act now to make your summer cooler