Ten smart tips to save money when shopping at Kohl’s

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Kohl’s has a unique way to allow its customers to get the best products at the best prices by coupon stacking. Combine multiple coupons in the same order and get more savings. Coupons are not the only way to save, and here we will show more ways to earn Kohl’s Cash Back and stretch your savings.

Get 15% off when you sign up for Kohl’s emails 

If you’re a US resident, you can receive a free 15% off coupon applicable on your next purchase when you sign up for Kohl’s email updates. Get early information about deals or offers exclusively for Kohl’s email subscribers. Add the Kohl’s email address to your contacts to ensure tips and tricks, sales, deals, and discounts or coupons.

Sign up for Kohl’s Rewards

First, you need to arm yourself with a Kohl’s Rewards account for maximum benefits from Kohl’s. It’s free to sign up; all your points and rewards get added, and it helps keep track of all your rewards in one place. With Kohl’s Rewards, for every $100 you spend in-store or online, you receive $5 in rewards. You receive the rewards in your account in the following month of spending $100. Say you spent $70 in May and another $30 in August; you will receive $5 in September. On checkout, provide your card or linked phone number to accumulate the rewards.

Stack multiple coupons or promo codes

You can utilize up to four coupons to maximize your savings. Some coupons are straight-up discount coupons, while others require a minimum spend. You may even apply some coupons while at the checkout for multiple purchases. Review the terms and conditions, as coupons don’t apply to a few branded items and certain electronics.

Using Expired Kohl’s Cash in some cases

Take your time with availing a coupon as it passed its expiry period. In a few cases, Kohl’s does accept expired coupons if they are within ten days past their expiry date. Acceptance is at the discretion of the executive at the checkout. You may request a manager to accept the coupon if the store executive refuses.

Get the handy Kohl’s app for your strategic planning

With all the coupons and Kohl’s Cash Back earned, knowing your card balance, expiring rewards, and the best time to shop for maximized savings can be challenging. Kohl’s makes this easy for its customers and packs it all in a mobile app. Install the Kohl’s app to earn Cash Back, track your gift cards, Kohl’s cash, rewards, and much more. You can even get free shipping if you order an item whose size is unavailable in-store. The app notifies you about Secret Sales and Mystery Offers, so you’re among the first to get your hands on your great styles and items before they’re out of stock.

Save shipping costs with a store pick-up

You must use Kohl’s store pick-up for more than a few reasons. Buy online and pick in-store, and even get a parking space assigned to you. You can pick up your items on the same day of ordering and avoid shipping costs. On applying coupons, your purchase gets you rewards, too. If you’re a Kohl’s card member, you can get shipping even for free.

Kohl’s night owl and early bird offers

Kohl’s got you covered if you’re one of those people who’d stay up late or wake up early for some great discounts. The major retailer runs night owl and early-bird discounts on your favorite brands in-store and online. Prices can get even up 25% lower than regular prices.

Night Owls promotions run in-store from 3pm. to 11pm., and online starts and ends an hour earlier. The Early Birds runs in-store and online from 7 a.m. up to 1 p.m. and midnight to 3 p.m., respectively. 

Price adjustments for missed sales discounts and competitor pricing

If you find yourself at the sour end of a price drop, you can get a price adjustment from Kohl’s. Say you missed grabbing your favorites from a recent sale and only find the same item at a higher price after the sale. In this case, you can head to the Kohl’s Service Desk and ask for a price adjustment if the sale end date has yet to pass 14 days. The price adjustments are valid for competitor pricing as well. Get a print of the competitor’s pricing, and Kohl’s will match the price.

Mondays for veterans and Wednesdays for the above-60

Kohl’s dedicates one day of the week to military veterans and those aged 60 years or above for special discounts and a chance to earn Cash Back. If you’re a part of the active or former military personnel, veterans, or their families, walk into the Kohl’s store on Mondays and get a 15% in-store discount with a valid military or veteran ID. Similarly, Kohl’s will provide discounts in-store for those aged 60 years or above. Carry and apply your collected coupons and maximize your Mondays and Wednesdays discounts. 

Score big with Cash Back store

Did you know popular Cash Back sites like RebatesMe offer additional Cash Back on Kohl’s online purchases? RebatesMe has tied up with over 4,000 stores, so you can save more each time you buy. To get Cash Back from RebatesMe, install the free RebatesMe browser extension and sign up for a free account. You even get a $10 sign-up bonus to spend.

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