Preserve Roses With These Smart And Easy Tricks!

Preserve Roses With These Smart And Easy Tricks!

Receiving flowers, especially roses as gifts is truly special, to say the least. There are so much of sentiments and emotions that are attached to the bunch of velvety roses. Many times your loved ones might send flowers to India in the endeavor to make you feel special. It might be that these flowers were sent by your lover from a distant land. It might also be that there are roses that you received on your first date or the first Valentine’s Day. It is human nature that we tend to keep these special roses for the maximum period that we can.

Well, it does break the heart to throw away such withered flowers as well to put it precisely. Now, if you are in the mind to preserve these special roses, then, we are here to help. Preserving the roses will make it last forever as you freeze those special moments of love in your own way. If you consider yourself an emotional person who would like to preserve such roses, then, this post is for you. It just takes some smart and easy tricks to preserve roses. Here’s all that you need to know about the same:

Preparing Roses to Dry Them

When a rose dries, it becomes extremely fragile for the matter. It needs to be handled with utmost care for the matter. For the best kind of results, go in for roses that haven’t decayed or have started to decay. Ensure that the leaves aren’t falling off. If you are interested in keeping the color of the roses in the process of drying them, then keep them exposed to light. In the endeavor to preserve the roses with stems, you need to remove the leaves since they will not dry properly with them.

Drying the Roses In The Air

Drying the petals in the air is the most common way to preserve flowers for the matter. It is the easiest way to preserve roses. It doesn’t require anything much. This is one method that works best for rosebuds that have been just opened and still retain their shape. Just like you dry your laundry, you can hang the roses facing the ground. Before you hang the roses, clear out all the water that might reside in between the petals. Dry the roses in a warm, dry, and dark place. Make sure that the space is a well-ventilated one. Keep the roses hanging for 2-3 weeks? Once the roses dry, you can spray some colorless hairspray for the best results.

Drying the Roses In A Microwave

This is a smart and quick way to dry the roses for the matter. Use a greaseproof paper and remember to put in your roses on it. After you are done placing the flowers on the paper, you need to set the microwave. Tune it to the lowest setting to put it precisely. Check on the roses every 50-60 seconds to prevent over-drying. If your dear one gifts you roses and chocolates with flower and chocolate delivery, you can do something incredible. In such cases, you can melt the chocolates to bake and make your own recipes. The roses can be dried either to preserve them or to use them for an array of other purposes.

Drying the Roses In A Vase

Another way to dry the roses is by drying them in a vase. Before putting the roses in the vase, ensure to take out water from the vase. In addition, check that there is no water trapped in between the petals of the roses for the matter. Keeping roses in a wet vase can just lead to the rotting of the beautiful roses. It is another popular way that people use to dry and preserve the roses that they wish to keep forever.

The next time you buy flowers online or someone sends you roses you can preserve them. Try out these different ways to preserve flowers as these are smart and easy ones to put it precisely. The next time you are successful in preserving roses, remember to let us know about the trick that you choose!


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