Did you know the number of Indian students travelling abroad for studies has spiked by 68%? According to official reports, 2022 recorded over 750K students going abroad, an all-time high. Since more and more students are choosing to go overseas for studies, the number is deemed to increase in 2023.

Higher education in a foreign university can unlock opportunities, but the entire process can be intimidating and complicated. This is where platforms like Abroadvice.com come in for study abroad counselling.

What Is Study Abroad Counselling?

Study abroad or overseas education counselling is where aspirants reach out to professionals with relevant industry knowledge and expertise for end-to-end support to fulfil their study abroad dream.

Top-ranked consultants are professionally certified and have been international students themselves. They can help you find the right institution, assemble all the required documents, prepare for the tests and interviews and meet the visa formalities. Check here if you are looking for IELTS classes near me and other study abroad services.

Role of Study Abroad Counselling in 2023

There are N number of things you must do before booking your flight to your dream destination. Keeping up with all the requirements can get demanding and time-consuming. Luckily, a professional can make the process seamless. Here are a few reasons why these consultants are the next big thing.

Extraordinary support:

Professionals counsel hundreds of students every year. They know the process and everything associated with it. No matter what doubts you have about the admission formalities, they will be able to guide you from start to end and give you the latest updates on everything related to overseas education.

Connection with global institutions:

Overseas education counsellors have ties with numerous top-ranked global universities. They can set up a direct connection with representatives from your listed universities so you can talk to them and learn about their conduct before deciding on the final pick.

Screening best colleges & universities:

You will be bombarded with options when you search for top colleges or universities to study. Selecting the best from the list can be a nightmare. However, a counsellor analyses your abilities, skills, scores and preferences and prepares a personalised list of suitable institutions.

Gathering documents:

Counsellors will help you present all the documents such as academic transcripts, State of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, financial proof, standardised test scores, proof of language proficiency, and others to secure your chances. Plus, they will update you on deadlines so you don’t miss any.

Help with test preparation:

Standardised test scores are a critical eligibility criterion. High IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT scores are necessary to get a competitive edge. Study abroad counsellors offer personalised support, from registration to test preparation, to boost your admission chances.

So, if studying abroad is on your cards, teaming up with a counsellor would be wise. They can help you secure funding, meet the eligibility formalities and nail the visa interview to ensure you are enrolled in your dream college.


While studying abroad can get you the best opportunities in life, the journey to securing admission can be perplexing. Hiring a study abroad expert can streamline the process and make everything manageable. Read this article to learn why study abroad counselling is important.

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Lina Luice works at AbroAdvice, a top-rated abroad study consultancy for students wanting to pursue education in the UK. She offers IELTS classes and helps students prepare for the big day. She has 8 years of experience teaching IELTS and has a good track record.