Profacgen Announces New Technology for Membrane Protein Production

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Profacgen, a leading biotechnology company, today announced the development of a new technology for the production of membrane proteins. This platform of enveloped VLPs technology based on HEK293 expression system, is a more efficient and cost-effective way to produce membrane proteins than traditional methods.


Profacgen has a team of experienced protein biologists who have developed a comprehensive portfolio of protein expression systems, including bacterial expression, insect cell expression, mammalian cell expression, animal-free expression, protein co-expression, antibiotic-free expression system, and more. These systems can be used to produce a wide variety of proteins, including membrane proteins.


Membrane proteins are essential for many biological processes, but they are also notoriously difficult to produce in large quantities. Traditional methods for producing membrane proteins are often inefficient and expensive.


The new enveloped VLP technology from Profacgen overcomes these challenges by using a virus-like particle as a scaffold for the production of membrane proteins. The enveloped VLPs are produced in a mammalian cell culture, and the membrane proteins are then expressed and purified from the enveloped VLPs.


The enveloped VLP technology from Profacgen is a significant advance over traditional methods for producing membrane proteins. Enveloped VLPs are virus-like particles that have a lipid membrane surrounding them. This membrane is acquired from the host cell during the assembly of the VLP. Enveloped VLPs can be produced in large quantities and are relatively stable. They can also be targeted to specific cells or tissues, which makes them ideal for drug delivery and gene therapy.


This new technology from Profacgen has the potential to revolutionize the field of membrane protein production. It could be used to produce membrane proteins for a variety of applications, including:


Drug delivery

Gene therapy

Vaccine development


Production of biofuels and biocatalysts.


“With customized technical strategies, flexible production scale, and proprietary technologies, we offer highly efficient and high-quality recombinant protein production, process development and scale-up production for downstream applications such as functional assays, structural studies, target validation and high throughput screenings, etc.” commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.


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