What Are The Various Types Of Taxi Services

What Are The Various Types Of Taxi Services

When you are all set to reach your destination, and the only thing you need is a taxi, the first thing that comes to mind is the usual taxi that we use in our everyday lives. However, many people are not aware that the taxi service is not confined to just one type of vehicle and service. Yes, it is true that the most commonly used type of Taxi Sherwood Park is a car, but there are various forms of Sherwood Park Taxi vehicles and services that yield the needs, requirements, and preferences of the passengers. Some of the various types of taxi services are: 

Public hire taxis

These are the usual traditional taxis with a sign on the top of the roof that shows if the taxi is in service or not. It is the most commonly used type of taxi that can be hailed on the spot as soon as you see one on the streets or from the taxi stand. There is no pre-booking system for this type of taxi, and it works on a first-come, first-served basis. Public hire taxis are what people have in mind when they first think of a taxi that has a licence sanctioned by an official authority, such as a local authority or a public carriage office. These taxis can usually be seen in large cities where the drivers know every YouTube of the city by heart. 

Private hire taxis (Minicabs)

Private hire taxis also provide the service of carrying passengers with an authorised licence; however, these taxis can not be hailed on the street or at the taxi stand by any passenger. These types of taxis come in various forms and styles, ranging from hatchbacks to MPVs, but can only be pre-booked and usually have a permit to carry 3-6 passengers at once.

Minicabs can be hailed for one-time jobs or recurring jobs such as carrying passengers back and forth from one location to another. 


Minibuses are Medium sized buses that are not too big and not too small and hold the capacity to carry 25-30 passengers. These can only be hired with an advanced booking for any event or work-related purpose. 

Executive and Chauffeur hire

Many taxi services offer High-end, extra comfortable and luxurious executive and Chauffeur taxis that can be hired with a booking. The premium service includes special luxury cars such as limousines, performance cars, executive saloons, and classics. As the service is premium, so is the cost for executive and Chauffeur hire, but they are mostly hired for a single event or occasion like a wedding, prom night, or any other special event. 

Uber Drivers

It is the easiest, reliable and quickest way to hire a taxi. With the onset of taxi services like Uber and other online taxi-hailing services, the number of taxi users has risen tremendously.  These types of taxi services are operated utterly through online apps. There is no need to look out for a taxi in the street, go to a taxi stand, or book a taxi in advance to reach your destination. All you need to do is mention the location from where you need to be picked up and the location of your desired destination, and in a few minutes, the nearest Uber driver will be there to pick you up at your location. Online taxis also provide you with an option of booking in advance, where you can mention the date, time, and location, and the taxi will be there at your location on the day of your travel or journey. 

Next time, when you need to reach your destination, Choose the services that cater to your comfort and preferences. Whether it is a wedding or a long vacation, travel with what is best for you.

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